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    Just wondering if any one has found out at their 20 week scan what gender they were having and then at the birth the gender was different. I was wondering how accurate they are in determining the right sex. I had my scan yesterday and she said probably girl so I haven't really got my hopes up just yet. I went and saw Dr Raymond at New Lambton - Newcastle.

    Any comments would be great.

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    20 weeks scan are usually pretty accurate.. i think its only if you are about 16 weeks that its harder to tell..

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    I think I had 4 ultrasounds and each time they say "I think it's a girl but can't be 100% sure". I decided that this was because Just in case they were wrong I couldn't sue!! I was also told by EVERYONE that had a boy, that it's pretty obvious if it's a boy, and if my girl did turn out boy, she was going to have a very very small boys part!! I think if they do tell you, they're pretty sure!!
    How exciting, girls are wonderful!! xoxo

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    I think if there's any doubt, they will hedge their bets and not say either way.

    My sister was told she was having a girl and it turned out to be a boy. This was in 1992 mind, so perhaps the ultrasounds have gotten much better since then. I am pleased to report that his boy's bits were ENORMOUS at birth so try not to worry. =))

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    20 weeks is usually pretty clear.
    At both my 18wk scan with DD and 19 week scan with this one we were able to see very very clearly the gender.

    With this one my OB told me tentatively that we were having a girl at 14 weeks. I took this with a grain of salt as he wasn't sure and it's a bit early to call at that point.
    Turns out he was wrong and we found out yesterday this baby is a boy! There was no doubt, we could see it very clearly

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