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    maggie Guest

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    hey girls, just wondering , what average length should bubs be at this stage, for the scan. i guess do they measure crown to rump (oh yeah they would have to, so its not really the length of bubs as they cant include legs? just curious what it should be , or close to being, thanks

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    Hi Maggie,

    I dont think they measured the length of bubs with my scan.. i think i would have been rather difficult as he was moving around a fair bit. But what they did measure what his head and the computer/ultrasound just told them the age he was from that.

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    Melinda Guest


    I think you'll find that they don't do a CRL at 20w. They measure other things, such as the length of the femur, the head circumference etc.

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    ^ yeah I believe they calculate age based on head and abdomen circumference, and the length of the femur by 20 weeks.

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    I remember they did for my DS, he was 19cm at 19wks. He ended up being 9lb 3oz, 4.165kg, at birth.

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