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Thread: 26 week checkup.....

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    sajemsha Guest

    Thumbs up 26 week checkup.....

    I went and saw my new Doctor today, he'll be doing the ceaser and I'm very happy with him, he was very thorough. He picked up that I had a heart murmur (something maybe wrong with the heart valve) I have to have an Echocardiogram done on the 20th June to find out if I have a problem, before I have the ceaser, with me saying I've never had this noticed by anyone before, he said they can be caused by been pregnant. The baby was good though, good heartbeat, the fundal height is measuring two weeks ahead though, but I didn't gain any weight in the last 5 weeks though, but the baby is growing so I'm happy with that, everything else was fine. He took the time to ask how I was feeling and did I have any Q's and he's given me a form to the the diabities test, so I was happy with the visit.
    Big Belly Rubs all

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    Glad your appt went well I just had my 18 weeks US Good luck with the echocardiogram hope all goes well

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    Good luck hope everything goes well and if there is something wrong it is preggie induced and will go afterwards!

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    Hey Rose, I had a murmur picked up by my ob too. I went for an ECG the next day and got the all clear, the sonographer told me she could see "nothing scary", I'll discuss the results with my ob next week though.

    The ECG itself takes ages and is a bit uncomfortable when they're poking around your breast (I have melons at the moment so if you are smaller breasted I don't think it would be such an issue) I had mine done at about 10 weeks too so they were still pretty sore. You might get uncomfortable too because you have to lay still for so long and at 26 weeks I'm sure you have quite a bump happening.

    I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned about, I was also told they are quite common in prg women due to the increased output of the heart. Good luck!

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    sajemsha Guest


    Hi girls
    Hi Willow, boy I've got melons too, so that should be fun and I won't be having the echo until I'm about 33 weeks, the doctor said there was no hurry, as long as I got it done before the ceaser and that was the next appointment (non urgant) to get it done. Do I have to bare chested or do you have a gown on while they do it? My tummy will sure be in the way by then, I'm already huge!
    I;m trying not to worry, after all I don't know what to worry about yet and hopefully it's nothing that has to be fixed before I have the ceaser.

    Hay Nella, how did you go with your ultrasound?

    Thanks girls for your support, big tummy rubs

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    Hey Rose, I was the same, I figured there was no point in worrying until there was something to worry about. Most murmurs are what they call 'innoncent murmurs' and nothing to worry about.

    I got in the next day because there was a cancellation, otherwise I would have had to wait quite a few weeks too.

    I was really worried about having to go 'topless' for the ECG, but when I went in they just got me to take my top and bra off then they told me to put a gown on, but back the front, the opening is at the front so they can still get to where they need but you are also covered. I felt totally comfortable in that respect. I also had a female sonographer which was a relief! She actually said all of her patients that day had been prg ladies, so it's definately a common finding I'd say.

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    sajemsha Guest


    Thanks Willow, that doesn't sounds so bad, I tend to worry about everything at the moment, even though I pretend to be brave about everything. I'll just keep hoping it's all ok. My heart seams to beat faster then usual, but other then that I feel ok.
    I had my gloucose test done today, so now it's another thing to wait to see how it is.
    I think I might watch a movie and put my feet up, to take my mind of everything.
    Big Tummy rubs!

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