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Thread: 2nd Tri Preg...Can someone tell me if this is normal?

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    Default 2nd Tri Preg...Can someone tell me if this is normal?

    I woke this morning with a bruised/painful feeling all over my belly, which is quite sore when i move around and very sore to touch. It is also in either side of my lower back (sort of kidney area)
    It has lasted all day so far, and I didnt get this at all with DS pregnancy.
    Have you had this in the second tri? Any suggestions on what could it be?
    Thank you!

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    Hi Elly,

    I have had a bruised feeling over my belly periodically during my PG - always appears in the morning. I've always just assumed it was from bubs being overly active during the night. There are a couple of girls in my BB thread who have mentioned experiencing it as much as you have and, from memory, one of them spoke to their Ob about it who confirmed that it was from Bubs movement.
    It might be something to mention to your caregiver next time you see them.

    Hope that helps put your mind at rest a little hon.

    Love MG

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    was going to post asking the same thing!
    I too wake up feeling sore and bruised!! It makes sense that its bubs over movement overnight!! lol
    Im glad its normal, although doesnt mean i like the feeling!!
    Typical Male though right!! LMAO

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    I'm feeling bruised just on the right side of my belly button - not sure if this is lots of kicking or being stretched (skin wise). Any ideas? Anyone else had pain around this area?

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    Hi Elly,

    Im getting this as well on and off all day.Also getting like a burning sensation under my boob across my right ribs.It must be where the baby sits i think because it comes and goes but it sore isnt it.What happened to the easy tv pregnancies you see when it all so pain free lol.Maybe its our skin stretching as we are getting bigger.Anyone having trouble getting comfortable when they go to bed?i ache and have the worst insomnia thought lack of sleep happened when the babies came.i sound like a whinger now but is it normal?

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    The only other thing I would check as you mentioned lower back kidney area is for a UTI which apparently can be fairly commong during pregnancy. I hope the symptoms ease up for you!!!

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