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Thread: 2nd trimester - Here I come..

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    Default 2nd trimester - Here I come..

    Well I am excited to have made it to 14 weeks today. It seems to have been a long and very sick journey.

    My last scan was at 10 weeks and I am hoping all is ok - ( after a loss I am paranoid)

    I did use a doppler the other day and believed I heard the heart beat and some swishing too.

    My next scan is in 2 weeks which I am eager to check up on.

    My transition today started with a migraine and some nausea not the best way to start the 2nd trimester, but I guess I wasn't going to change over night and at least I have not vomited today (well not yet)

    So thats that... I guess I will join in on this board now.

    thanks for listening.

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    Congrats on reaching the 2nd trimester! Its very exciting isnt it. So hard to believe that before long we will be welcoming our babies into the world!

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    This might seem like a stupid question but at 14 weeks, assuming you could feel your uterous, could u feel any growth from week to week ? or was it too minimal to notice?

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