thread: 4D Scans in Sydney??

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    4D Scans in Sydney??

    Hi there All

    Just wondering does anyone know where you can get 4D scans done in Sydney??

    I have seen some pics recently and would really love to have some done....



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    Wilson Guest

    I did some searches as i was after the same thing

    if you do a google search for sydney ultrasound for women
    or early image they are 2 i have found.

    Be interetsted to see if anyone has been to either or any others as we are looking at going in early Dec.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Hey there Wilson

    I did the same google search and got the same 2 places....

    Early Image only do the scan for the picture purpose - there is no medical procedure to this US and they have several packages to choose from but all pretty pricey....

    SUFW - do all the medical scans (measurements etc) but you need a referral and your doctor has to write a Medical reason for the scan....again pretty pricey $250 - thereabouts and i think you only get about $80 back on Medicare....and they can't guarantee the pcitures as it's up to bubba to perform

    I was reading on another forum about all these ladies in Victoria and Perth having it done for around $40...that is quite reasonable i think.

    I'm not really concerned about the dollar figure - i just hate getting ripped off and besides you'd think there would be more than 2 places in Sydney to have this done....

    anyway - i'll keep plodding along trying to find one - in the mean time i've booked in at SUFW next Thursday - I told my DH he can give it to me for a B'day pressie