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Thread: Acid Reflux help

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest

    Default Acid Reflux help

    hi everyone,
    I've started to get some acid reflux, I've just rung my doctor to find out what is "safe" to take, however he is on annual leave for two weeks, can anyone else help?


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    mizzsocial Guest


    can you please explain to me what happens when you get it?? coz i think ive been getting it, but im unsure, and no-one i know has had it before..

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    In my baby bounty bag I got a pack of rennies. They are these mint lollies that are supposed to help with this and I am sure it said it was safe during pregnancy.

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    It's also safe to take Mylanta. I've also found that eating yoghurt and Yakult have helped me in the past.

    I hope it goes away soon.

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    thanks girls,
    I will try Rennies.. Acid Reflux is when you feel your throat burning - i think it is the acid from your tummy comming up into your throat... ouch

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    It helps if you know what triggers it too. My DH gets it and he finds fruit juices, especially apple is a real killer. But with pg anything can bring it on.

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    DoubleK Guest


    ohh i have had heartburn a lot recently, but last night i had was sounds like this! very annoying when trying to sleep...

    i had a big drink of milk, which tends to help the heartburn, but then i felt like i was going to bring the milk up ](*,) sorry if TMI!


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    SarahMc Guest


    yeah i take mylanta to ease the pain.

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    Hi Rennies are safe and another good one is Gaviscon. It is important to to note that some antacids contain aluminium which isn't recommended in pregnancy so just check the bottle or check with the pharmacist. Gaviscon have a 'heavy duty' formula that works well.

    I got reflux so severely with my last pregnancy that I was prescribed zantac by my ob. This is a once a day tablet that was like manna from heaven for me.

    Reflux is an awful thing to have. It is made worse in pregnancy because the progesterone softens the sphincter that keeps all your belly juices in your belly and this softening allows them to come up your throat causing that awful burning.

    I hope it gets better soon,
    Love Deb

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    angelique Guest


    I take rennies and also chew sugar free gum. The sugar free gum does wonders.

    I also have bad breath because of acid reflux. Does anyone else get this? It smells like acid... yuckkyyyy

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    mowergirl Guest

    Default Acid Reflux help

    Hi guys,
    I'm new here but if anyone is interested in a more natural approach (i'm coming to the end of a 4 year naturopathy degree so i speak with some experience), slippery elm powder mixed with some yoghurt is a fantastic remedy for soothing an inflamed gastrointestinal tract ie: your throat, stomach etc. Often the problem with reflux is that not enough hydrochloric acid is being produced (sounds backwards i know) which unfortunately rennies, gaviscon etc counteract further - even though they feel like they are helping, you may actually be prolonging or worsening the problem in the long run. It is possible to supplement with hydrochloric acid but i wouldn't recommend doing this without the guidance of a properly trained naturopath or health professional.
    Hope this helps

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    Tessa Guest


    hello, i also have this problem my doc. prescribed zantec for me it worked great but if you cant get this try milk it wont make it go away but it will sooth it anti acids such a tums or milkofmaknesiea
    any way i know it sucks but hang in there.

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    hi mowergirl
    thanks for your info - I will try that instead - whould much prefer a more natural approach as it is not THAT bad....

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    skyelar Guest


    I am another that was allowed Zantac from my Ob....was bliss!

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    angelique Guest


    Try eating small meals regularly instead of big ones. I found that has helped me a lot especially now when there is barely enough room in my stomach.

    I have had enough of Rennies, they taste like chalk and leave me feeling worse.

    Chewing gum is also good after a meal. Takes a while but works.

    Hope this helps.

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    hi all, just a quick update, my doctor told me not to take mylanta as it contains aluminium - so if you need a quick fix Rennies are suppose to be safer (that said my sister dran mylanta like it was going out of fashion and both her kids are fine - but thought I should add the advise from my doctor). AT 33 weeks it is a LOT worse, in fact I'm now sleeping with 5 pillows each night as everytime I lay down I puke up stomic acid - GROSS! But really who cares, only 7 weeks littl I see my little baby....

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