thread: After you have felt movement - how often should I feel it

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    After you have felt movement - how often should I feel it

    Right, well I have an anterior placenta (at the front) and I felt first movements at about 22 weeks (2 weeks ago), both from the inside and out. Since then I have felt more and more, and sometimes baby has gone mad! But then yesterday and today, I have felt hardly anything - this morning I did feel baby move, and maybe a little since, but not like I have been previously. I've tried ice, and lollies, but nup!

    When I saw my ob last week he told me that not until 26+ weeks should I feel baby everyday so not to worry if I have a day where I dont feel bubs. Yeah, easier said than done! I am not overly concerned, but wondering what others who have been or are in a similiar situation have found?
    Any other good tricks to get baby moving?!

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    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    i think also that sometimes if bub is active at the same time as you, you can miss the movements. ie if you are not sitting still you might not feel it but bub will be moving IYKWIM

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    Melinda Guest

    A drink of cold water always did the trick for me! I guess I'd jump around too if someone dropped a glass of water on my head?! LOL

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    May 2005

    even now i find Jelly goes through growth spurts in which she will be extremely 'quiet'. generally she is really active for 2-3 days and then barely moves for the next day or so. when i get a bit worried about lack of movement, i get DH to put his ear against my belly so he can hear her heartbeat. just knowing that DH can hears Jelly's heartbeat is very reassuring.

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    May 2004

    Hmm, still not much movement, but have felt something once or twice a day which keeps me going. This baby did go mad on the weekend, so maybe they are catching up on sleep!

    Misty - that would be cool if DH could hear the heartbeat through my belly, will have to try, though I don't like my luck having an anterior placenta, if anything he might just hear the whoosh of blood going through the placenta.

    Come on baby - get dancing for mummy!

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    ^^Bekka^^ Guest

    After the first movements I did not feel anything else for at least another couple of weeks. Sometimes we can be so busy though that we do not notice the movements. My friend was told by her m/w that is she was worried drink a big really cold glass of cordial. Lie down and that should get bub moving. But remember if you are worried call the hospital, that is what they are there for. Nothing worse then being worried!

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    angel_eyes Guest

    For the last couple of weeks I've felt bubs move every day, mostly after I've eaten and always as soon as I lie down.