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Thread: Almost 19 weeks - Slightly swollen very sore hands

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    Default Almost 19 weeks - Slightly swollen very sore hands

    Hi gals,

    I have been woken in the middle of the night during the last few nights with throbbing aching hands. The pain mainly emanates around the knuckles of my index finger but is quite severe and radiates throughout the rest of my knuckle area.

    I have noticed minor pain coming from the wrist region.

    I have taken some panadol but it did not really help.

    I am not doing so well with typing and holding my pen.

    It is probably worth noting that it has been quite hot here in Melb and i have noticed my ankles were retaining fluid by the end of each day.

    I am hoping that this is not first signs of carpal tunnel - has anyone else experienced this in the second trimester? If so how have you treated it?



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    It could be but I would be getting it checked out to make sure. Hope it improves soon.

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    Definitely sounds like carpal tunnel to me. I had it with my last pg and it is quite painful, I have never broken so many coffe mugs and glasses in my life. If it is carpal tunnel the pain should be worse in the hand you use the most, the one you write with usually. My Ob recommended getting a splint to wear at night time and resting the bad hand on a pillow. The only other thing that may make your hands swell is your Bp going up but this sounds like carpal tunnel to me. Good Luck


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    Unfortunately Belinda it does sound like carpal tunnel. I can sympathise with you on this one - I'm in tears most morning because of the pain but mine is only on the inner wrist. OB said theres not much you can do but to try and run your hands under cold water to settle the swelling. Hopefully the weather cools down soon and the pain subsides

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    Default acupuncture for carpal tunnel

    I'm going to see an acupuncturist who is also a midwife and lists carpal tunnel relief as a specialism, so I'll let everyone know how I go, just in case anyone who is currently experiencing this reads this thread too.

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