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Thread: Am I in the second trimester yet?

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    Percy Guest

    Default Am I in the second trimester yet?

    Some books I've read have the second trimester at starting at 12 weeks others at 13 weeks. At 12w and a few days am I into the second trimester yet?

    Or am I being a bit too eager??!!!!

    Thinking about it though, is it at the end of week 12 - ie the weekend when I flip over to 13 weeks or was it last week when I flipped over form 11 to 12?

    Its all too confusing for my preggie brain!!!

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    Percy Guest


    Oh hang on, just read the intro up above and it says 14 weeks!! So I still have 10 days to go!!! Oh dear.

    How the heck am I going to survive waiting another 28 weeks???!!!

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    mrs timms Guest


    I thought you started your second trimester at the end of 12weeks...... hmmmmm confuzzled now....

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    You start 2nd Trimester at the end of your 12th week, so when you flip into 13wks 1 day etc your in the 2nd Tri... not sure why the intro says 14 LOL


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    Some of my books say 13w is 2nd Trimester, some say 14w. I'm starting to think 2nd Trimester now as my mood swings are going, but I'm aware that the shorted my 1st and 2nd trimesters are the longer the 3rd will be, so I'm having up to 14w for the first, then to 28w for the second. I know it's silly, just I don't want to be in my 3rd trimester for aaaaages LOL.

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    I think it may be an american thing. Cos i receive an american email every week of my pregnancy and this week is my 24th week and it said "Welcome to the 3rd trimester" and everywehre else says the start of your 27th week is your 3rd trimester. Thats a big gap to have.

    So i would say what you have read that says different to what you thought is the american guides.

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    Percy Guest


    Thanks guys so then I just have to wait for the weekend! YAY!!! Can't wait!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Congrats on making it to 2nd trimester, bring on the 3rd huh?

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    Congrats on making it in here officially Percy! Yay!

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    Percy Guest


    YAY!!!!! We made it!!

    Thanks guys! Can't quite believe I made it!

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    Congratulations Percy on reaching second trimester.

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    Yep -u made it.....CONGRATS

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