thread: Amniocentesis

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    Oct 2004


    Probably spelt it wrong, but im sure you all know what I'm talking about

    Anyway, just a question, i know not everyone has one done, but i'll ask anyway!

    What does it actually involve?
    I heard they get a long needle and put into you belly and suck out some of the fluid. Is that right?

    Sounds dangerous! Is it? I heard if you get it done theres a chance of miscarriage - like 1 in 100 chance. Is that right?? I find that really scary!!

    Also, those of you who've had it - is it painful?

    What is the test actually for? Is it for downs symdrome, or am i making that up?

    sorry for all the Q's.

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    Jul 2004
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    Hi Karina,
    You might find some useful information in this thread HERE.


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    Oct 2004

    Thanks Ambah!
    I'm useless with this search thing, i never find what i want!