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Thread: Anatomy scan?

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    Default Anatomy scan?

    Ok so due to some problems re a car accident recently the hospital advised me to have my anatomy scan as soon as possible as a follow up to the one I had today to check everything was ok.
    What time period (ie weeks) is it usual to have this scan?

    Im 17wks this weekend coming.

    Im going to ring my OB tomorrow and ask for a referral.

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    Owwww bummer about the car accident, um anatomy scans...
    are they the 18 week-ish ones?

    Yeah think that's the scan that people often have around 18-20 weeks.
    So you're not really too far off!
    Someone correct me if I'm misleading Anna

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    Yup it's usually around 18wks. I'd say they want you to have it earlier so they can check that everything is ok after the accident. And they probably figure why not have the check from the accident as well as the morphology done at the same time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tulip
    Wouldnt it just be a normal scan you'd be having and then they would still have to do one at 18-20 weeks to get those particular measurements??
    My guess is that they will do all the measurements for the morphology scan at the same time, I'm sure that a week earlier wouldn't make too much of a difference.

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    Our sonographer said she likes to do them as close as possible to the 20 week mark because you can get a better view of the heart chambers. I had one at 17 weeks ( wrong dates ) one at 19 weeks and have to back for another one at 23 weeks because she couldn't see the spine or heart properly due to the way the baby was lying - little bugger - didnt mind showing between his legs though!

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    The anomaly scan is also known as the Level II scan and that is done in Australia between weeks 18 - 20. In other places (such as the UK) it is done at 21 - 24 weeks.

    Some doctors do apparently accept them if done at around 17 weeks but I recently had to rebook mine because it was going to be at 17 weeks and my Dr wants it at 18weeks or later. Means I have to wait another week to see if I have a Peanut with blue dangly bits or a Peanut with pink groovy bits. Roll on the 10th May!!!

    Good luck. I hope all goes well for you.


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    I had mine at 21w3d. My OB doesn't like to do them too early.

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