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    Jun 2005

    Anterior Placenta

    Just wanted to know if anyone else has, or has had their placenta in an anterior position. I looked in google but pretty much got all the same info in each site i went onto- which wasn't much! ](*,)

    From what i understand the placenta is attatched at the front of my belly between bubs and my outer belly IYKWIM. I have been assured it should be nothing to be concerned about, but i would rather have all the info i can gather in order to understand where i stand. I am under the impression from what the Dr who did the scan said it should continue to grow up and out as my belly grows and not interfere with having a vaginal birth, but how sure can they be?

    I just thought if i had any other questions i could ask my OB next week when i see her with my scan results.

    Thanks Kas :flower:

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    Jul 2004

    I don't know much about this either, but the one thing i do know is you may not feel bubs kick for a while and it won't be as strong as most people would feel it as baby is kicking the placenta. I wouldn't think there would be any problem with it though.

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    Jun 2005

    Thanks Tegan, Yeah i noticed that with the kicking. I am sure i felt movements between 14 -16 weeks and then it kind of stopped. I was getting worried as i was not feeling bubs as often as before. Then once they told me about the placenta it all made sense. Now i need to be lying down and usually only feel it at night. I can't wait for the kicks to get stonger so i can feel bubs all the time and my DH and DS can feel them also, but i guess i will have to wait a bit longer now.

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    May 2004

    Same as what they said!

    I too have an anterior placenta, and I am a couple of weeks ahead of you yet STILL havent felt anything. It's starting to annoy me (just a little!) I really want to feel bubs move!

    But yeah, good that it's not an issue for delivery or baby, just an issue of not feeling as much movement as normal.

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    all of my 3 prg have been anterior and all 3 were perfectly normal births with no problems (the last one zooming out in 1hr 8-[ )

    the only real issue i have had and it freaked me alot in my first prg was the movement, i had movement but not alot and somedays i would have to really concentrate to make sure i could feel it (particularly at the end) i have never really experienced those great big kicks and punches that everyone talks about - which i guess is good in a way.

    with the last 2 prg my ob sent me for monitoring on a regular basis towards the end cause of the movement issue and also because i tend to go over my due date, so it was really just a bit of reassurance which was good.