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Thread: Avocado gone bad???

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    Default Avocado gone bad???

    Hi All,

    I am currently 20 wks and decided to have breakfast at a cafe where i regulalry visit. I had a muffin with avocado (bcaon chesse tomato) and i think the avocado may have been off. It was brownish colour but was underneath some bacon etc so not sure if it went brown under the griller/oven or whether it was just off.

    It did have an odd smell not sure if it was the oil or bacon though.

    I only had half of one if that!

    Am really worried as i am not sure if this could harm the baby or not??

    Any thoughts/similar experience??

    Much appreciated!!

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    hi first timer.
    avocados usually go brown after they're cut and especially when exposed to heat. they are actually very good for you and bub, however, if you have any concerns that you're not feeling well it's always worth getting checked out. do you know if they make them fresh to order or are they made up in advance, i would only worry if they they seemed especially slimey. i hope that helps!

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    Hi there,

    thanks for your response! They are made fresh when you order - i have been eating them for ages and never had a problem!

    I wouldnt say it was slimy (its basically a muffin topped with tomato, avocado, bacon and cheese on top) i know that they put it either under a griller or in the oven to cook it.

    The avocado didnt have a pleasant smell, but this could be because it sits underneath the bacon (which would have been hot and oily to begin with).

    Feeling ok. A little tummy upset but that could also be because i am extremely paranoid!! LOL

    thanks for your email, good luck with everything

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