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Thread: Baby from Mars, Venus... or Pluto?

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    Default Baby from Mars, Venus... or Pluto?

    OK, has anyone seen the film Still Crazy? There's a line in there:
    If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then drummers are from Pluto.
    I think my baby is from Pluto. I used to love having a flat stomach I could play the drums on, now my baby has made it all big and not-flat and plays the drums whenever awake. Seriously, I'll get about 20-30 little "kicks" or whatever at a time, quite rhythmic. I'm fairly sure that unless Liebling has moved around a lot in the last four hours these are the hands, but "kicks" would be the best description.

    Anyone else have this? How can you tell your unborn child that Mummy is not a drum kit?

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    beastie Guest


    i promise you, the little kicks become big kicks... try to tell your baby that you are NOT a punching ball

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    If they're very rhythmic are you sure bub doesn't have the hiccups??

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    They're not hiccup-rhythmic (how do you tell the difference right now?); they're drum-solo rhythmic. It's quite cute until I remember that this is a tiny baby doing it and this baby is growing very quickly! Beastie, I agree - I've been telling Liebling that beating Mummy up is not nice!

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    julesr Guest


    My bubby is very rhythmic too! I'm quite sure it's not hiccups and it always originates from where his arms are. I notice it particularly when I lie on my left hand side. I love it. It makes DH and I laugh. He's either a drummer or a boxer!

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