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Thread: Baby measuring 6 weeks ahead

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    jadore Guest

    Question Baby measuring 6 weeks ahead

    I had my first OB appt yesterday (ive been seeing my local Dr beforehand) and when the midwife meausured the fundal height it measured 31 weeks instead of 25.

    The baby also measured 2 weeks big on my 21 week U/S and the U/S tech even wrote on the report "Baby is bigger than expected for gestational age".

    My LMP was 12th September last year so that would put my EDD at 19th June 2007 BUT my first U/S done at 9w 2d determined the EDD to be at 24th July 2007!! Over a months difference! If I was going by my June EDD I would be 30 weeks along right now which would explain why the baby's meausuring 31 weeks.

    Will my OB change the due date at all? I definately FEEL a lot further along than what I am. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    becmc Guest


    Was you first u/s 9 weeks by your lmp?? If it was then by their measurement the bub would have only been 3 or 4 weeks when they did the scan so how could they have even given you a date, iykwim??
    I think the obs go off the earliest scan for a due date, so that will probably stick, and i have heard of people having higher fundal height than the 'recommended' height, maybe ask for another opinion or something though??

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    Hey there

    I've recently had similar issues.

    Your FH isn't the baby, it' your uterus your uterus is measuring 6 weeks ahead of dates. And at your 21 week scan, there is often a 2 week either side difference.
    Your LMP date probably put you ahead because you ovulated late and therefore conceived late. If it were me, I'd be going by the scan date (the 9w) over the LMP as if it's a month's difference, I would think a scan that early would be more accurate than LMP.

    My FH has consistantly measured 6-7 weeks ahead of dates. This pregnancy was scan dated as I did not have regular periods and I used the early scan as dates. One OB I saw was concerned I was measuring so far ahead of dates that she ordered a GD test and a scan at 32 weeks. My scan came back saying my baby is large and I tested negative for GD. My baby is measuring two weeks ahead, but it all can depend on growth rates. For example, my baby might have had a growth spurt just before the scan, or my baby is just a big baby which is going to be the most likely scenario. Saying all this though, scans for size are not really considered accurate past 12 weeks. I have been told my the OB to expect a 9-10lb baby but I am not really taking too much notice of this. I know my baby probably will be larger than smaller, but I would be surprised if he is this big, just because in the past the scans I had for size were wrong with my other babies.

    So what I'm trying to say is that by most indications FH is not an indicator of a large baby or that you are further along that you think you are, nor is sizing done by later scans. Because you had the 9w scan, that is the one you would be looking at for accuracy, not the later scan nor the FH...I hope I'm making sense.

    But if you are worried I would definately talk to your OB about it, but most arent' concerned by a larger FH after they rule out GD and maybe fluid issues.

    Welcome to BB by the way
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    jadore Guest


    No the 9w scan was to determine the due date because my HCG levels were so low and didn't fit in with the June due date (I thought I was 12-14 weeks at my first U/S). I don't know whats happening the baby just seems to be getting bigger and bigger every time I get checked! its never happened to me before, my 2 other daughters measured right on time.

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    jadore Guest



    I was just a little concerned because she was so sure that it's not excess fluid, in her words "It's definately the uterus I can feel". I have a GTT next week to see if that's the case but I guess I'll just have to deal with the fact that i might be having a big baby haha! Which will be a cahnge coz my daughters were both under the 7 pound mark!

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