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    I am having a baby shower later this month & am compiling a list of things I would like or think that I will need. Can anyone suggest anything I might have missed or you would consider essential?

    This is my list so far:

    Sheet sets
    Baby blankets / doonas
    Waterproof mattress protectors
    Baby monitor
    Interactive play mobile thingy
    Mobiles (for cot/pram/changetable)
    Baby bath products
    Nappy bag
    Nappy bucket (for cloth nappies)
    Porta Cot
    High Chair
    Bonds wondersuits
    Baby wipes
    Papaw ointment (for a barrier cream)
    Bunny rugs
    Baby wraps
    Baby powder
    Children's books
    Baby toys
    Baby thermometer
    Night light
    Breast pump
    Baby bottles
    Dummy & chain
    Traditional cloth nappies (as spew cloths)
    Little beetle (chair seat thing)

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    Play mat/blanket

    You have a great list of things.. seems you have everything covered!!

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    Thanks Kimbaz, I actually already have one of them. DH bought it for me. Although, am thinking of taking off the high chair & porta cot, because I really haven't looked at any so not too sure of what brand I would prefer......

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    I have a ABC brand porta cot and it works well....we only use it when we go to visit relos...feels soft and Chels sleeps better in it hten her cot here at home!!

    High chair we dont have yet....normally around 6 months old you buy them....well when they start

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    Hi moglie,

    That really is an impressively thorough list!! If you haven't already stocked up, I would even ask for a box of Huggies nappies. They are expensive so great as a gift. Personally, I would omit the baby powder. I just found DS original powder the other day still full and that was 4 years ago!! Needless to say that it found it's way to the bin

    I hope you get everything you need.

    Lynnette x

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    baby bath
    one of these is invaluble google babyhood bath support can be used in a baby bath or in a big bath brilliant

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    Thanks for those suggestions.

    Maybe I should add what I already have - so there are no double ups......we already have on order a baby bath & stand.

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    Can I also add that we bought our original high chair before I had DS. We got one that reclined and I used it from when he was 3 months old. He loved it. He was able to see me at my level and I just pushed it from kitchen to laundry to lounge room. He'd even fall asleep in it!!!

    Having said that, I'm going for an Ikea high chair for my next one...easy to clean

    Lynnette x

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    Just a note with the nappies....some kids grow really fast and dont stay in newborn size for dont go out and buy to many....if they are not opened they cn be taken back...

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    change mat or change table?

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    LizzysMum Guest


    Great list!

    Good on you for going cloth (I am a clothie too!) Could you be cheeky and ask for some lovely modern cloth nappies and/or covers? If you do a bit of research and pick a couple of brands for people to choose from they would make great presents.

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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    Lizzysmum - I had thought of that, but I dont see the demonstrator until next week, which would only leave a week for them to get things. I think I would prefer to order them myself, that way I actually get what I want, not what people think would be good for me & bubs. Sounds a little bit selfish but I have had problems asking for things (and specifying brands) and then getting something else similar but no where near as good. Its a great suggestion though.

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    Great list!! I got a Jolly Jumper thing too - used later on but still a great gift I thought!! Good luck!

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    A voucher for a cleaner!!

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    ej_1974 Guest


    wow - great list and the only thing not on there is a baby bjorn .... but a cleaner voucher is a great idea ... enjoy the shower

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    Dayspa voucher hehe, day full of pamper just for mum, definately essential

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    LizzysMum Guest


    Just a note on carriers if you are thinking of getting one I would recommend an Ergo - they are super comy and you can use them up to about 20kg. My DD still hops in ours regularly and she is 3 in June.

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    Teething rings
    Baby bathtowels & washclothes,
    Baby washing powders/liquids
    Nursery lamp with Dimmer switch
    Baby nail clippers
    Outfits in larger sizes for later on eg. sizes 0+
    Nappy fasteners & liners
    Bowl,cup,spoon for baby...

    Hope this helps, I'm writing a list at the moment too.

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