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Thread: Baby Shower, is it too early??

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    Default Baby Shower, is it too early??

    Is it too early to have a Baby Shower 2 months before bub is due? Also is it ok to have a baby shower for 2nd child too? (different gender)

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    I don't think it's too early to have a baby shower 2 months before they're due.

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    2 months is fine.... u just never know when bub will make their appearance!!

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    Im plannin with some friends for one in late august before everyones got exams and holidays etc, I dont think two months is too early no never know when bubs wants to pop out and say hello!

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    I had my baby shower 2 months before my DS was born - it worked out great because I still had plenty of time to sort everything out and buy what I still needed.

    I'm not sure what other people think about having another shower for your second child, maybe ask your close friends and family what they think. I won't have a second baby shower because I got pretty set up with #1. Even if my next bub is a girl, I'm sure I'll get heaps of girly stuff when it's born. This is just me though! Go with what you want.

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    I had mine at 32 weeks - I was feeling really good and didnt want to risk feeling really crappy later on my pg. Incidentally am still feeling good but impatient!!! I also think its fine for bub no#2 whether its the same gender or not - a great girly celebration of a new bub is a great excuse for a catch up as PC said too!!

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    I had a baby shower 10 days before my edd.. and i felt great.. everyones company and laughter made my day... also didnt hhave baby stuff lying around to look at and get impatient!!

    For your second one you could have a BABY SPRINKLE... ask everyone to put in for a day spa voucher or for something you would like.... have a morning tea and a catch up...

    hope that gives you an idea

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    I'll be having my baby shower in 3 weeks time. I'll be 30 weeks, but I start birthing classes after that, adn its the only opportunity for my sis to attend!
    I wouldnt want to do it much later than that tho. I am having enough trouble getting around now with this giant belly!!! It would be no fun if I couldnt join in on all the awesome games they have planned!


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    No it's definitely not too early. My girlfriend left it until two weeks before and then she missed out on the whole thing because her baby came the day before the shower!

    I say get in early and enjoy the fuss!

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    I've had three babies and a baby shower for each of them. My girlfriends wanted to throw them. These children need to be celebrated also!!! It's not just about getting presents but about being with the girls and welcoming each arrival as individuals.

    I'm not sure whether I'll have a baby shower for my next one...but that is for completely different reasons...

    Lynnette x

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    I did not have a Baby Shower for my first and I won't be for this one either.

    As far as timing goes - 2 months before is fine. Gives you a chance to sort stuff out

    Good Luck

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    Thumbs up

    2 months is fine, as a couple of the girls have said you don't know what might happen. I was in hospital for my first one and had to negotiate with my ob to let me home for it, it was allowed because I promised to lay in bed and have my guests see me one or two at a time so I didn't get stressed. I also had one for 2nd but not 3rd as I had moved too far away from family and friends.

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    Thanks everyone
    Yeah looks like 2 months before is prob a good thing! Knowing my luck if I do it towards the end, bub will arrive before!
    Its definetly a good opp for the girls to get together and just muck around, baby showers are always fun

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    I dont think 2 months before is too early. I was really lazy and had mine a week before my daughter was born, but probably should have done it earlier because I didnt get the chance to sort all the presents out and finish her room lol.

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    A friend phoned me recently to say she wanted to host my baby shower much to my delight.

    She was planning to have it in a few weeks but I had already started making plans for about a month before my EDD, sometime in July. (there are some fun games when your belly is bigger!!)

    I'm being induced at 37 weeks due to medical reasons so my baby shower will be in June sometime now.

    So I agree that it's never too early to get in and have it as anything could happen!

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    I had my baby shower at 32 weeks and I was so glad that I did because it was hard work! I had 30 people at mine and to get around to talk to everyone I found that I was on my feet most of the time and I couldn't resist helping out here and there.

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    Everyone is differnent and you need to choose when you want to have it.
    Lots of people are tending to have theirs earlier so they can enjoy it more rather than being really really tired from it. Again, it comes back to the individual pregnancy you are having and how things are going for you.

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