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    Hi everyone!

    Just wondering does anybody know how to tell the position your baby is in? Everytime i go to the midwife she feels my tummy and is able to tell where the foot is and where the head is and the back...etc how can she tell ive tried feeling around to see if i can tell and i cant? Does anybody know i would love to know !! Thanks

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    I think it is just years of practise LOL. When you get further along and the body parts poke out of your stomach you will be able to tell more.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Oct 2003
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    With MAtilda her head was really obvious & she would poke a foot out directly outwards for all too see... but that wasn't all the time. I always felt for her spine and moved my hands around the spine to feel the bum or head end, but I had heaps of help learning off my close friend who is a midwife.