thread: Baby's sex

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    Jul 2004

    Baby's sex

    I have my second ultrasound next week and might be able to find out the baby's sex. When you found out did it end up being right in the end?

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    Hi Tegan

    I found out accidently with Kameron at 18wks. We didn't want to know but he had legs open when scan started and it was a bit hard to miss.

    We wanted to find out with Lachlan and it took a while he had his legs shut but last 5mins of scan he opened them. That was also at 18 wks.

    So both times were right. But know of a few cases where it has been wrong. Where a boy turned out to be a girl and vice versa.

    Love :smt049

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    May 2004


    We asked when we had Kimberley and they got it right. But they did say they are not 100% sure just so you do not get mad at them if they do get it wrong. We did not tell anyone just in case it was wrong as we did not want people buying pink and then it truned out to be a boy.

    I would ask again when we have another one as i am no good at waiting.

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    ErykaLefrak Guest

    Wrong sex

    my friend's sono found a girl and was pretty positive, the second time at 32 weeks was the same, but meanwhile, came out a boy!

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    Melinda Guest

    We found out at 16w that we are having a boy - should find out in around 5w if the scans have been accurate! We've seen his 'bits' on other scans so I'll be a bit surprised if it turns out to be a girl!! LOL

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    *~sally~* Guest

    I found out I was having boys for my past two pregnancies and they were spot-on!

    I had a scan at 18 weeks for this bub and the sonographer said it looked like a girl. Apparently they make more mistakes with girls than boys though, so I can't go and buy some pretty girls' things just yet! What a bummer hey!

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    I think the skill of the sonographer is a major factor in correct gender determination. If you have a general sonographer that does all sorts of body parts everyday, they may not be as experienced as one say that is located in a women's specialist ultrasound rooms. I find that by going to a specialist women's ultrasound clinic, I am told much more indepth information and they know a heck of a lot more about all parts of the baby and reproductive system... even pointed out what ovary I had ovulated from to get pregnant... spooky!

    I found out with my 18 week scan with Marisa and that was correct, I also had the same with this one, which predicts a boy, we'll have to see in a few months! But I do believe the sonographer.

    There are apparently many other factors to consider than the absence of a penis, there is something called the saggital plane which is shaped differently for boys and girls - a trained eye can detect this. Very interesting stuff you find out that is for sure!
    Kelly xx

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    *~sally~* Guest

    Hi Kelly,

    That does sound spooky, being told which ovary you ovulated from the get pregnant! I've never heard of that happening before, nor have I heard of a saggital plane either!

    We live in the Bush though, so I doubt that we would get a specially trained sonographer, probably always have to make do with what they have! The sonographer who did my scan said the baby looked like a girl, but we would know more at a later scan.

    Now that people know that I "might" be having a girl, they are saying "fingers crossed" and "it has to be a girl"! What's wrong with another boy, lol.

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    Definitely nothing wrong with another boy. I was glad when we found out we were having another boy. Didn't have to buy a whole new wardrobe full of girl things

    Love :smt049

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    *~sally~* Guest

    I will have to get a whole new wardrobe whatever the baby is, because I gave my baby clothes away to my SIL. [-X

    I only kept what my Grandma knitted, lol. O