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    Feb 2007

    best lotions and potion

    Hi all

    Jsut wondering if there is a "best" cream etc to help prevent stretch marks. I do realise that no matter what I do they may still occur. I just want my skin to be in the best condition as it is the largest organ in the body and I want to look after it. Ideally something that will give my skin all the "goodies" it needs would be good. I have just started using the sample I got in my bounty bag - Palmer's, but will need to get more of something.

    Any advice appreciated

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    Hi Luey, My first pregnancy I didn't use anything and got no stretch marks (however I did give birth at 28.6 weeks). This pregnancy I've used the Palmers Stretch mark cream since the start and didn't get any until around 30 weeks and have now got three red ones on my tummy and a fair few around my hips. So I stopped using the Palmers and started on the Bio Oil. To tell you the truth I don't think they do much, I've you're going to get stretch marks you'll get them, but the Bio Oil is good, I'd suggest anything with vitamin E. I had a huge scar on my arm from falling off a horse and applied pure Vitamin E from a capsule onto it and the scar healed really well.
    Goodluck with it!

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    water, if you drink lots of it your skin will be more supple.
    Other than that I think they're all much the same. As you said if you're going to get stretch marks all the potions in the world won't stop them. I found the Palmers smelt too sweet for my liking - it made me a bit queasy so I just used body butter (the body shop makes a nice one).

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    The general consensus is that if you are going to get them, you'll get them. But they can be minimised and it's good to keep the skin on the expanding belly area nice and supple anyway! Like Carrie said, anything with vitamin E will work as Vitamin E helps to heal scar tissue. Cocoa butter is also used in many preparations but IMO a better option would be shea butter.

    If you are into aromatherapy or want a cheap natural option, a blend of wheatgerm oil (vitamin e oil) and sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil is really nice. Avocado and Olive oils are also good.

    ETA - Forgot to congratulate you on your pregnancy!!
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    Not sure if anyone can help with this but I had been using Vaseline moisturiser but just noticed it is Vitamin E & A. I thought you should steer clear of Vitamin A when pregnant or have I confused myself???

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    I think it's vitamin A in moderation Kye? Not 100% on that one though.

    Bio Oil might be worth a shot, smells nice at least. I used it with my first and no stretchies, I haven't used it this time, just moisturiser, and I'm starting to get them...there are a lot of variables there though, not least that this is my second bub in a short space of time! Still, many people swear by it.

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    I have stretchmarks, well i have that many there is no room for any more... anyways i think bio oil is the way to go, it wont prevent them (nothing will) but if you do get them they will fade over time if you keep using it. As i said i have a tonne of them and seriously they were fading until i fell pg again... I still put it on religously...
    Congrats on your pregnancy...

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    I didn't get any while pregnant and now they are slowly fading (the few that I got after she was born) and I used bio-oil mixed in with Palmers cocoa butter every day while I was pg. Got a bit slack now that she is born but I'm sure it did help using it every day. I never had that scaly stretched skin look. I also drank a bucketload of water every day too.

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    I just started using bio-oil and noticed it has vitamin A. I use quite a lot, eg about 10 drops on 1 boob alone.

    Is that too much vitamin A?

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    stretch marks don't occur in the epidermis - it is tearing of the fibres in the dermis which is deeper so it doesn't matter what you apply - it's not going to make a difference. I agree with dachlostar - the best thing you can do is drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet. Your skin will get the 'goodies' it needs far more easily from what you put INto your body than what you put ON it!
    Of course, I still used palmers every day - just in case!! I smeared it all over my body and I didn't get a single mark on my tummy but my butt and boobs were like road maps. (nice)
    You can get an unfragranced palmers if the smell is too much for you (it is pretty overpowering).

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    Bio Oil is good. I have used it and I don't have any stretch marks as yet! It smells good and it stops the itchyness!

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    I use Palmers cocoa butter for stretchmarks. Dont have alot. I have heard about raving reviews through the pregnancy magazines about Bio Oil though.