thread: Bladder Infection mixed with growing pains??

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    Jul 2005

    Bladder Infection mixed with growing pains??

    Hi there all

    Last Sunday i presented myself at the hospital very concerned that I may be leaking amniotic fluid - i have had such an increase in discharge it wasn't funny and with no colour or smell I was a little worried that I may have been "dripping" or "slow leaking" amniotic fluid and besides that I felt the sudden urge to go to the bathroom and wee a million times (at least #-o) and the pressure below was driving me nuts.

    As it turns out I was not leaking any fluid (thank God [-o< ) and I was sent home - they did some research first and there was no sign of any infection.....

    Anyway long story short - by Midnight Sunday night I had come down with the most horrendous UTI i have ever felt - I went straight to my docs on Monday and was prescribed Keflex Antibiotics - I called the Midwives at the hospital just to be sure that was OK.

    Anyway since then the terrible, terrible pain has gone but I still feel the constant need to pee and also this incredible sense of pulling and tugging in my lower stomach (where you normally feel period pain), my back is killing me and i just feel exhausted.

    I am just wondering can this be growing pains that have again turned up at the most unlikely time or have the antibiotics not kicked in yet?? and does anyone know how long this should take??

    I went back to my doc this morning but she seemed very blaseĀ“ about it and told me that it should clear up and to come back on Friday..... 8-[

    Has anyone else been through anything similar??



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    I don't know anything, but the need to pee all the time can be related to gestational diabetes, so maybe you should ask them about that. Other than that maybe bub is just sitting on your bladder? Hope you're feeling better soon xoxo