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Thread: Was it blood???

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    Default Was it blood???

    Hi guys,

    Last night I went to the toilet at like midnight, and when I wiped, there was a tiny speck of red, well more pinky-red... I investigated a little more and there was a nother tiny speck, and that was it, I went back to bed quite distressed but thought it was VERY different to when we m/c'ed the first time and thought that I would check again in the morning.

    This morning - NOTHING.... and no cramps or anything have accompanied the specks??????

    Any ideas - I am probably worried about nothing, and have been taking it easy at work today, but has anyone had anything like this????

    Was I just imagining it all?????

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    Mel - The absence of other symptoms sounds good but have you rung your doc? Maybe they can ask you a few more details about what you noticed.

    Kind regards,

    Other Mel

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