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    Hi all I have noticed a few people taking about blue books, what are these? I gather they are something you get from a midwife, doctoe or ob? I have not been given anything.

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    When i was pg with DD i lived in NSW and we got yellow books, like an antenatal cards.

    But after i had DD i got a blue book (down in Vic) which has her immunistations and growth stuff in. So depends on wat threads they are referring too....and what book!

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    Thanks Kimbaz,

    when were you given the books? In one thread someone was talking about taking their blue book with them so they could fly (I think that was it). It got me wondering as I have not been given any books or antenatal card and just wondered if I should have.

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    I got a blue book for my daughter when we were in hospital after her birth. HAs all the stuff about immunisations, development and doctors appointments.

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    I got a yellow book when i was about 8 weeks along, my first GP appointment. The blue book i got once my DD was born and we were leaving the hospital. It goes everywhere with me... as did my yellow book wen i was pg.

    This pg as far as im aware (and i never did for the last 4-5 weeks of my DD pregnancy either when we moved here) i never got a book/antenatal card. I know the hospital gives u a book but all it has in it is appointment times for hospital clinics and visits.

    Perhaos speak to your OB or hospital?

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    The blue book is your child bible once should go to every doc appt. My daughters kindy even wanted to view it when we enrolled her.
    Living in NSW we get a yellow antenatal card....usually given at your first visit/appt at hospital or by your ob...
    Does that answer your query??

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    Thanks for all the help ladies. I will be checking with my ob at the next visitto make sure I have everything I am meant to have and get him to explain it all to me.

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    I have a yellow card my dr has till i choose my hospital because she doesn't deliver..

    My friend has a blue book after birth for appointments, immunisations etc im in NSW

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    In Adelaide you are given an orange pregnancy record that should go everywhere with you and once your baby is born the hospital/midwife will give you a blue personal health record for bubs. This colour variation is to avoid confusion when asking for records from mums pg with #2 or more. I notice that other states have different antenatal book colours so maybe one state has blue for both?? What state r u in Ozstar?

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    blue books you get when the baby is born... 2 help keep track of immunisation records. i only know this because i have one... (im only 17)

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    Queenslander's (GO YOU GOOD THING!) receive a purple pregnancy record.. just in case you were a qld'er.,.

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    I am a Queenslander Catherine.

    Ok this is what I gether so far, I should have some sort of antenatal card from my ob? I assume this just lists my visits and test results?

    Then when bubs is born I should get another book to record immunisations and Dr's visits?

    Thanks so much for all the help so far. My next visit to the ob is in 4 weeks so I think I will check with him.

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    Yes Ozstar - that's basically it!

    Pregnancy health record basically lists your history, doctor vists and tests and also has a birth plan at the back which you are meant to religiously supposed to take everywhere with you.

    Then when you are at hossy when baby comes, you will receive an immunisation book - i think ours are blue or yellow.. it changed from one to the other..

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