thread: Branxton Hicks - When and How??

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    Jul 2005

    Branxton Hicks - When and How??

    Hi there All

    Just wanted to ask a dumb question - but when and what do Branxton Hicks feel like - last week I was complaining about a lack of movements and then all of a sudden this weekend on 2 occasions (once on Saturday night and once last night) I got this weird sensation in my belly and it went "stiff" for about 10-20 seconds (??) and then relaxed - I am wondering is this what is known as a Branxton Hick?? and should I be feeling these already??

    Just seems that just when I start to get used to being pregnant and finally feeling movement - this is thrown into the equation..... 8-[


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    Sep 2004
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    Diana, it sure does sound like you were having some Braxton Hicks contractions. They usually start around this time in your pregnancy. They should been painless and just feel like a tightening over your tummy. As your pg progresses they may become stronger.

    Don't stress over them, they are helping to tone your uterus and get it ready for birth.

    Take care

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    sounds like BH to me. i have only really felt them a few times, but it is just how you described it.


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    When i was pregnant with my son, i started having BH contractions a lot in the 2nd trimester.. and its totally normal (as i found out after calling the Hospital everytime i had one! lol)

    Sounds like BH to me, dont stress!!!!!

    And the further along you are, the more it may feel like period pain.. thats what happened to me anyway.

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    Jul 2004

    Yep sounds exaclty the same as what i had. I got them from about 23 weeks up until i gave birth. As my pg was nearing the end though they started hurting and i thought two time i was in labor, but not the case as they went away after 3hrs just as i was about to ring the hospital!