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    maggie Guest

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    Hi, I am in my 2nd tri, being almost 16weeks. I read so much about people have nipple & breast they darken etc... I have noticed that I have had hardly any change, they are still tender though.

    Also when do people notice that there bellies have really popped out.i only have a slight bump!!!

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    Hi there,

    Mine are the same as yours.. no change apart from tenderness every now and then.

    My belly has started to pop out.. and depending on what colour shirt (lighter colours) i wear it looks bigger. Though i have heard stories of people who didnt know they were pregnant until they started receiving contractions (whether its true or not i dont know), so i guess its comon to be a "late" popper

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Hey, if this is your 1st pregnancy, you will find your belly wont pop out for a while.. mine didnt for ages!! Its completly normal

    As for your breasts, mine havent changed much, they are a little darker around the nipples, other than that not much has changed.. I guess everyone is different..

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    Hi Maggie,

    IKWYM... my nipples haven't changed at all... my cup size has increased from DD to F and I have to be really careful when I lay on my tummy coz they can get a bit sore... oh and my nipples are quite sensitive sometimes...

    We are all different, and all have different symptoms... it would be great if we could all have text book preg's... we wouldn't stress as much!!!!


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