thread: Can anyone tell the sex of my baby

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    Aug 2007
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    Can anyone tell the sex of my baby

    Just wondering if anyone has an idea on what the sex of my baby may be. My partner didnt want to find out the sex because its his first baby and he wanted it to be a surprise so when i went for my ultrasound i told the ultrasound guy that we didnt want to know. then on the way home he said that he did want to know now. GRRR MEN. anyway i just thought someone might be able to tell what sex the baby is.

    Here is a pic of it - http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g312/ange80/Baby.jpg

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    Do you possibly have any others? Its sort of hard to tell exactly which way the baby is lying.

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    May 2004

    That's the money shot - but it's a bit hard to tell....if I HAD to guess I'd say girl.

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    Feb 2007

    I would bet it's a girl, it looks just like my us of my little girl!! Congratulations, buy something pink!!

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    i was thinkin girl too.

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    i am thinking girl, only because our bubs was in a similar position and we could def see something else. Ours is a boy

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    Id have to say girl!

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    I'm saying a girl. Going the whole 3 lines angle there.

    Where's Tanya, she'll know

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    Oct 2006

    I think it looks like a girl too.

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    Just for fun while we wait for someone in the know to post I looked on a chinese chart for baby sex predictions and it came up as a boy, if you were 26years old when you conceived, and you conceived in july?
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    Looks like 3 line of a female to me.

    Rose- where do you get a chart like that from as I would love to plan a boy so maybe that could help..

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    I also think it's a girl, I'm not seeing anything sticking out anywhere!!!

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    Sep 2007
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    Hi Tali,

    I just googled chinese gender calculator, I find it a bit of fun and it has been right for my three kids.

    If you are 28 in Jan, Feb, Mar, Jun 2008 it says boy
    If you are 29 in Feb, May 2008 it says boy
    I don't know of anyone that has used it to try and conceive boy/girl but it's something to try I guess
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    hi Rosehannah

    Going by the chinese gender chart i should be having a boy cause i was 26 when i concieved and concieved in july 07

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    Jan 2007

    Does anyone have a similar pic of a boy? I don't - they couldn't get any pics at all. Daniel wouldn't wake up and he always had his back to the ultrasound.

    You could compare.

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    I'm going to guess a girl too. How about going for another u/s in a few weeks to find out. And it'll be a clearer pic of bubby too.

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    I;m no good both Dh and I thought boy...

    Its fun to guess though isn't it

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    Sorry Ange80 , I totally stuffed that one up as I was hurrying to go to work, I didn't realize until I was driving down the road what I had done

    Also you need to know your lunar age.
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