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Thread: cant beleive i am here finally

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    Default cant beleive i am here finally

    HI all, well after 6 half yrs of TTC, 8 IVF cycloes, i am now lucky to be pregnanat naturally, we have just passed the 13w mark (i guess i am not 2nd tri) or does it start at 14weeks.

    We have had 3 scans, one at 7weeks, one at 9weeks and then one at 12weeks. i had all the blood work done and we are lucky that we dont have to have an amnio, my chances were like 1 in the thousands.

    My next scan now is now til the 19th week, have no idea how i am going to last that long.

    Since finding out i am Preg, i have hardly had any m/s. boobs sore on and off, so far so good, and i have no signs that anything is wrong

    But as it has taken us so long to get here, i still have to pinch myself that i am preg, and so far so good, i even have the little belly to prove it. I have adenomyosis (large uterus, similar to fibroid) even though RE said that wont effect anything, i even worry that this may cause things to go wrong.

    I so want to enjoy this 2nd tri, and cant wait for our nxt scan and see the little one moving around everywhere. does any one else worry in this tri mester that things may go wrong,

    They do say that the chance of m/c goes down the furthest u go, which is sooo conforting.

    Hope to get to know all of you in this tri.

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    Congratulations on getting pg natuarally and for reaching the 2nd tri. I hope you have a very H&H pregnancy.

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    I think its natual to worry when you have gone through so much. with my family history and me being so sick I still worry i will lose my baby. But dont worry - the baby is getting stronger and stronger each day - take one day at a time and enjoy what is happening. There is no point saying not to worry because you will, so give yourself 5-10 mins a day to worry and then dont for the rest of the day and dont forget if you have any concerns check with your Dr or go to the hospital they are always happy to help or answer any questions. Congrat and good luck

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    congrats.. you are here, you have crossed a HUGE line, you can breath a little easeir, it would be very unlikely for anything to happen to your little bubba now.. yeah, relax enjoy the ride, your almost home safe!

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