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    ok so i have always been quite the pesimist in my thinking, but i kinda turned it around especially once i felt bub move (well what i assume is bub moving anyway) lately though ive been having these really awful dreams about different things going wrong with the baby and its really scaring me.... to the point where this morning i feel really disconnected from everything and everyone because i feel like there is something wrong with the baby or even that the baby has died inside me and i dnt know it... i know this probably sounds insane but its honestly how i am feeling afer these really vivid dreams i am having
    i just can't stop worrying about it but i can't exactly call up the hospital and say i had a bad dream can u check my baby??? ahhhhhhhhh

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    Oh you poor thing. At times Im a bit the same - sometimes I get this feeling that I cant be this happy and things cant go well so something HAS to be wrong, especially after having a m/c. I know its easy to say but I think pg is so full of all these hormones, emotional and physical changes - its only normal to worry a little bit - just dont let it get to the point where it affects your health or your bubbies health. Are you around 20 weeks? I started feeling little butterfly movements around 20 weeks and these got a lot stronger over the weeks following so hopefully that will reassure you a bit too. Sorry I dont feel like Im much help = but do feel for you and hope you can find something that can reassure you too - try to dismiss your dreams too = pregnancy hormones can cause some very strange thoughts and vivid dreams! Good luck.

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    i am 17 weeks and i know its normal to get the dreams but its hard to shake them off iykwim?

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    I completely understand- its so easy for other people to say - you will be ok, but they dont really understand i guess. Hope you can work through it and feel better soon.

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    Like Tan said, I think every one of us has had horrible dreams at some point - I know I've had so many and some that have been so awful that I've woken up in wracking sobs and have been worried for days I'd lost my baby.

    Having said that, if you are really feeling unhappy and concerned about your bubs, I wouldn't worry about what the hospital thinks of you (and they will be used to it!!) - if you start to obsess about it and really stress its not good for you so ask if you can have a scan, or at the very least, use a doppler so you get to hear that beautiful little heart beat.

    Try not to worry though - the bad dreams unfortunately seem to be a pretty normal part of pregnancy - maybe its to prepare us for all the worry these little cherubs are going to bring into our lives when they're on the outside?!

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    Its the same for me as well, sometimes I have horrible dreams/thoughts and it really gets me down for a day or two. I just try to push them to the back of my mind and ignore the thoughts. Also this may sound silly but when i'm feeling this way I go to my computer and write something positive about my pregnancy, things that I am looking forward to and it makes me feel a lot better. Its also good to go back and read over them too.

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    Remember in the belly buddies post my wife felt the same!!?? Well, we went to hospital. They got out this hand held device that allowed us to hear bubba's heart. I've read so many posts where ladies in the 2nd trimester losing pregnancy symptoms that it must be SO normal.

    So, as a mother to be, the hospital should be more than helpful to alleviate your concerns...if that's what you want...

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    yeah i just feel like a loser though lol ahh i had a bad dream and i feel wrong can u check me?? u know what i mean i just feel akward??

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    I have worried constantly throughout this pregnancy wondering if bubba is OK. I've had a m/c before and I had spotting several times throughout this pregnancy. Whenever I was really worried I would go and see my GP who had a doppler and this would always put my mind at ease. I would just continue worrying otherwise. Once you start to feel movements it does get abit easier to know on a daily basis that bubs is OK. Though I have found that I have still continued to worry about things!

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    I kept worrying, particularly before I felt more definate movements and this has only really happened in the past couple of weeks.

    In the end, I hired one of those dopplers so I could hear the heart beat and put my mind at ease. I was so worried, when there wasn't any definate movement (none that I could dismiss as not being digestion or wind anyway) I had almost convinced myself that that baby had died too.

    I found out a couple of weeks after that I had an Anterior Placenta which buffered most of the kicks and also a very lazy baby (looking at the Ultrasound where all it did was yawn or drink and I had to go for a brisk walk around the block to try and make it move for the sonographer).

    Now my nightmares are getting more comical too. I had a dream I had a fight with a breast pump!

    Seriously, the doppler hire is worth it's weight in gold if you are really concerned. It basically just gives you reassurance that Bub is still alive and kicking.

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    I was the same as you hun. But you have to remember you are past the critical loss stage and your baby should be fine.

    what I used to do is I use to go to my docs and just ask to hear the heartbeat for reassurance. If you have a good doctor they will do this without hesitating.

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    yep thanks guys i bit the bullet and went to my gp and although i felt stupid he assured me to just come in when i was worried and we can have a listen... bubs is fine with a heartbeat of 157 lol wide awake the dr said

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    So glad you went to the dr and yay for a wide awake active bubby!!

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    Hey noni
    I've been having dreams about MCing lately too. I bought a doppler and am waiting for it to arrive!
    I have a drs appt & a scan next week which will make me feel better
    Glad that everything is going well with you & bub.

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