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Thread: Car Recommendations 2 child families

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    Default Car Recommendations 2 child families

    I currently have a Laser Liata, which I love, but it really is too small for one child not alone two. Can anyone recommend a good car that will accommodate two children nicely. I really can't afford buy a new one and will probably try and go from some around 10 - 12K. I have a bit of time to look around as I'm only 19 weeks. I have been looking at Honda CRVs but they are a little too expensive. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Why not go for a newish Kia or Hyundai? Their sedans are really good prices, and while a little budget in some ways, come with a great warranty and all the basics.
    The other thign to look at would be a Holden Viva, although their probably aren't any in your price bracket yet as they are only pretty new.

    You can't go past the mitsi's for value for money, but they just dont hold their value all that well.

    Good luck! I'd be looking for boot space myself. Not an isse for us as out family car is a ute. Uncomfotable but unfortunately neccessary and functional.


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    lissa7 Guest

    Default Thanks for the advice

    Dear Fi, thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll check out your suggestions. How ever do you cope with a ute as your family car, is it a dual-cab. My dh has a combo van with no backseats but I've always been too afraid of putting a babyseat in there. Anyway, really just wanted to say thanks

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    Go the Commodore! They have a huge backseat and a huge boot! I have my two kids in booster seats in mine at the moment with heaps of room to spare. I have measured and am going to be able to fit a baby carseat in there as well. If you get a V6 they are not too bad on fuel at all. For 10-12K you would be able to get a 2000 VT in good nik.
    Good luck and have fun car shopping! Buy privately as well, you'll get heaps more for your money.

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    Bec Guest


    we have got a falcon wagon and it is huge!

    We havent even got baby yet but we got a big car so then there was more room for no. 2


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    I second the commodore suggestion, but say go for a station wagon. We too had to give up our sporty little car once I was pregnant, and got a commodore station wagon. LOVE it. Has heaps of room both back and front, and boot space is great. We can fit a big 3 wheeler pram plus a fortnights worth of groceries in there no problem. And if we are going somewhere overnight we can fit pram, portacot, and all the other thousand things you need with a baby. We only have the one child so far, but plan on another soon and I can't imagine having enough boot space then if we just had a sedan. I think we paid about $12 000 for ours (1998 model) 17 months ago.

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    I say go the Commodore but in a station wagon, esp. if you have a large pram or 2 prams. We have a VT Commodore sedan and find at times the boot wasn't big enough for our pram and it wasn't a very large one either. This may sound weird but we notice the hinges on the boot come down too low (when shutting it) and if you have filled the boot up it won't shut properly. The inside is nice and roomy though.

    Or even a Falcon wagon would be good too.

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    If you go for a station wagon, please please please make sure you get a cargo barrier. You partner may complain (mine did) but you don't want things flying though the cabin in the event of sudden braking and hitting any member of the family

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