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    today by the u/s findings i am 15weeks 2days gestation by edd 25/4/06 if you go by the first day of my last period i would be 15weeks 6 days but i used a fertility calender and only had unprotected sex on those days fertile and that would only make me 14 weeks pregnant please can anyone help me to understand
    thank you

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    angelique Guest

    Hi Jacqui,

    I am just as confused as you with regards to the weeks etc. Just leave it up to the ultrasound machine as it can detect by the babies growth and calculate it to how many weeks & days your baby is (it could change etiher 3 days more or less they always tell me). It is never 100% accurate but at least it gives you something to go by.

    Hope this helps babe. Dont worry yourself too much about it.

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    The u/s results are normally + or - 2 days i think... go by their results, it wont realy matter all that much... so long as baby is healthy

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    By my calculations and then by the u/s that I had done at 9 weeks, there was about a weeks difference.I was really confused as I knew exactly when we conceived.It ended up not mattering anyway as I went overdue, past both dates and had to be induced!

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I think with u/s you can give or take a week. I remember with DD2 I knew pretty much exactly when she was conceived and the u/s said she was 3 days under my dates. It really didn't make that much of a difference anyway as she ended up making her appearance into the world 5 days past the u/s EDD. They'll take the dates from the first day of your last period and then when they measure bubs it also gives them an estimate of how far along you are and your dates won't necessarily match up with the u/s dates.

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    The sonographer said to me that even with IVF and they know the exact TIME, the ultrasound still shows up 2 weeks out of date sometimes. THere's no explanation that she could give, just one of those things!

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    My doctor said if your charting, and know when you ovulated etc, to go by those dates or the first day of your last AF as both are more likely to be accurate than the ultrasound.

    U/S dates can be out as they assume an average size for all babies at birth, and all babies just aren't the same size! Although earlier u/s date tend to be more accurate than later ones (i.e. a 7 weeks u/s is more accurate than a 30 week one)

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    Wilson Guest

    my 12 week scan gave us the due date that is spot on with when i know i ovulated but its just a rough idea i guess i doubt he'll come exactly on the date..

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    The docs basically gave me a window im due somewhere between the 16th and 22nd of April 06 but we know im 16 weeks i can only count the weeks not the days because of this but ya never know really bubs will be born when its ready any date given is only a est anyway.
    Have a great day

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    Of my 3 ultrasounds with this pregnancy, midwives have only been interested in my 8 week one - the ultrasound that is most accurate. You wouldnt think it would be would you?????

    Go by your earliest.

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    apparently the earlier you have the U/S the more accurate it is, because the most changes happen if you have just had your U/S now it could be out by a bit. dont worry about it too much - not many bubs come on their due date anyway!!