thread: Could i be further along than i thought??

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    Question Could i be further along than i thought??

    When i say i'm 25 weeks people give me strange looks and alot say, "wow, i thought you were about to pop!!"
    My nipples seem intent on soaking through every shirt i have on (through two shirts plus a jumper the other night) Which my mum keeps telling me shouldn't be happening this early.
    And a few other things that my pregnant brain has conveniently erased from my memory two seconds before writing this sentence.

    Could it be possible i'm further along? That bub is just small for his "age" and no ones picked it up?

    Do hospitals determine the bubs age by their size?

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    Do you know when you had your last period or ovulated etc. I would say those dates would be pretty acurate. If you have had a dating scan then they are pretty good give or take a few days. I think most people don't really think about what they are saying to pg woman and how much we are going to read into it and worry about it.

    I leaked colostrum from 16wks - in fact I used more BP in pregnancy then I did when I was BF. As for looking like your going to pop - everyone carries there babies differently, your might be all out in front.

    Funnily enough, I was very certain about when DS was concieved yet when he was born I had one midwife ask if my dates could be out as he was so big (7lb at 4wks early) and then I had another couple of midwives ask if he could be earlier than 36wks as he had no suck reflex - so the discussion doesn't stop even after you had your bub

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    Ahh, i see. That is a bit of a relief. Haha

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    I started leaking at about 18 weeks in my first pg.

    If you know when your last period was, and are confident it was a real period, then your dates shouldn't be too far off. The most accurate time for the docs to determine bubs age by ultrasound is before 12 weeks I think. It'd be pretty inaccurate to do it now at 25 weeks.

    I was pretty huge with DD and everyone was convinced I was going to go early.. and well.. I did.. she was 6 weeks prem LOL. I hated people saying it to me tho.. and hate it even more now that they were right!

    You obviously just have a big beautiful bump! Enjoy it I loved looking pregnant, I'd be very disappointed it people couldn't tell I was pregnant LOL.

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    The reason I done a HPT for my second bub was that I had started leaking. I was 5 weeks pg.

    As for the comments on size etc - I am always copping that. It can be quite maddening.

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    sometimes the scan does the wrong date but usually your period date is accurate. my last period due date was september 3rd but my first scan at 8 weeks said i was due september 19th. I gave birth september 7th and they said she was definently overdue despite being small (6 pounds 15) - apparently you can tell by their skin or something and the placenta? Mind you as the scans progressed it was looking earlier and earlier with the last scan guessing the 10th.