thread: A couple of food-related questions.....

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    Melinda Guest

    A couple of food-related questions.....


    I was wondering if someone would be able to shed some light on a few food-related questions that I have. The OB told me I shouldn't eat deli-type meats and soft cheeses - everything else was ok (including cold meats, provided it had been cooked previously). Thing is, I've heard so much conflicting information that I'm really not sure a lot of the time what TO eat and what NOT to eat (despite the OB's advice).

    Basically ATM I'm finding that black tea is doing me wonders. Is this ok? I know it doesn't have the same level of caffeine in it as coffee, but was concerned all the same.

    Also, I have had a real craving for dagwood dogs! LOL I haven't had one yet, but it's been one hell of a struggle to resist, so I was wondering if these are safe to eat. If so, I'll be darting out the door directly! LOL Also, are dim sims safe?? And what about thickshakes? I kind of thought these were out because they are generally made with soft-serve icecream, and had heard that soft-serve was bad?

    I wish I had such strong cravings for healthier food, let me tell you, but basically I haven't been able to eat a great deal because of nausea, so if I find I fancy something, I try to eat it!!!

    TIA everyone, and sorry for all the questions, but I'm a tad paranoid!!!

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    Hi Tootie

    You can find information about Listeria and foods you should avoid here just make sure you are logged in first.

    Also the girls in 2nd Tri have been discussing this a bit just lately you can read what hey had to say from page 6 which is here

    Love :smt049

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    Life Member

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    Hi Tootie,

    I had cravings for soft serve ice cream Maccas thickshakes.......but I avoided them "just in case".

    But a really good "replacement" is homemade smoothies: I just chuck a banana, really cold milk, a few ice cubes and a spoonful of tub icecream (out of my freezer, so I know it is "safe") into the blender and wizz it's actually nicer than a Maccas version!

    (This is a bit TMI, but I also found that a couple of spoonfulls of Metamucil (sp?) in with the above is a very good fix for pregnancy constipation!!)


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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Hi Tootie

    It is always a hard decision on what to eat and what not to eat. I think the best rules to follow are to avoid foods that have been known to contain the viruses (list is on BB site) and make sure that whatever else you eat is freshly prepared.

    As for the baby craving healthy food - I am so stuck with this. We have a really well balanced healthy diet. And do you think the baby cares???? No it just wants to crave lollies and junk (I gave in on the lollies but refuse to give in on the junk!)

    Lucy - I also do the smoothie trick - whatever works I say - LOL

    Hope your pregnancies are going well

    Love Jen

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    Melinda Guest


    Thanks for your replies girls! I'd taken a look at the listeria info on the main page a while back, but it didn't hurt to go back and refresh my memory.

    As for the thickshakes, thankfully I don't like the Maccas ones, but there is a wicked icecream shop here that makes them and they're the ones I craved (made with soft serve though, so a no go). OMG Lucy when I read in your post about bananas I felt like vomiting straight away LOL! I have a REAL aversion to bananas (have my entire life!) heheheheeee

    I'm still not 100% certain on the dagwood dog and dim sim thing, but hey, I'll do my best to avoid them anyway since I really don't want to be eating crap like that if I can avoid it! I wish the baby would crave vegies.........

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    Jaxellah Guest

    I have also been a bit concerned about listeria. I didnt worry too much with my other 2 kids but i am this time.

    In fact this time around i have had the horrid dreams and the constant fear of something being wrong with my baby.

    I have however been eating Hommus which i just found out could be bad. And yesterday i had a ham and salad sandwhich.

    Today i have a crook tummy and a runny u know what.

    I am a bit concerned maybe overreacting. I dunno.

    Thank you for this post though i have gone and had a look and know what i can and cant have now.

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    Melinda Guest


    I actually asked my OB specifically about ham and he said that it was ok to eat since it has been cooked already. So I've been eating ham now and then.

    Didn't know about the hommus though!

    Hope you're feeling better soon mate!

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    I have been having ham as well - but I usually cook it first - and then put it in a toasted sandwich (just to make sure) - LOL

    Love Jen

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    Jun 2003

    Just a quick tip, I always made sure I asked at cafe's etc how they made their milk/thickshakes JIC as sometimes they have softserve machines and you would never know.


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    BellyBelly Member

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    Tootie in regard to the black tea. I am a big tea drinker and there was no way that I could give it up. So I am now drinking decaffienated tea. Maybe give it a go.

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    Orkids Guest

    I love coffee - but I've been having decaf for the last 6 months or so. Some part of me still feels guilty for even having that!!

    I have a food question too. I often make up stirfrys and eat the leftovers for lunch the next day - is there any thread of listeria breeding in this the way there is in a preprepared salad?? I normally just eat it cold, but would it kill any bugs if I nuked it?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    I've known alot of women who eat left overs for the lunches from the night before. I was going to start doing that next week. I would say that if you reheat it so that it is hot again it should be alright.

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    Orkids Guest

    I'll do that - thanks Lara.

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    Jaxellah Guest

    I did this yesterday for lunch. i reheated what i cooked the night before which had been in the fridge covered.

    I did this with both of my last 2 pregnancies also .

    Infact i ate pretty much what i wanted with my last 2 pregnancies. Except soft serve icecream and i am not a big cheese eater so that was easy to avoid. It was the Ham and salamis etc that i had a hard time with.

    i ate them every now and then but not as much as i normally would have.

    If anything with my first i had major cravings for meat pies at the beginning and i had to keep an eye on that or i would have balooned out.
    Then during my pregnancy i always kept Frozen milk and ate frozen milk. LOL.
    Hubby bought a carton of them and stuck them in the freezer cause he got sick of me waking him at 2 am making him go looking for frozen milk.

    With my second i also ate pretty much what i wanted aside from soft serve and cheese no cravings with her my sister got them all HAHA wasnt i lucky.

    This time around i seem to be a little more concerned. I am avoiding all sorts of stuff and have had no cravings as yet so fingers crossed.

    I wonder how bad eating chalk would be for you? My frind had cravings for chalk HAHAHAHAHA sick.,

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    Melinda Guest

    Oh no, chalk! I think that is actually called something IYKWIM - it's a condition or something....where people crave chalk, dirt etc. Not sure what it's called, but I think it would be worth mentioning it to her Doc!

    I think re-heating food etc is fine as long as you re-heat it so that it is piping hot.

    As for thickshakes - that craving seems to have disappeared! LOL I'm really not much of a milk drinker either (have a bit of a lactose intolerance) so it's pretty rare when I do have one anyway. I'm glad the craving has gone though as I'd prefer to stay away from the soft serve.....although I could REALLY polish off a Maccas Chocolate Sundae right about now......LOL