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Thread: Cramp in muscles while sleeping?

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    Jed Guest

    Default Cramp in muscles while sleeping?

    Hi all

    After reading the symptoms durign 2nd Trimester i noticed you can get cramps in your calves while sleeping. What's up with that? I've had it twice now and hard to stretch your leg out to release the cramp.
    Does anyone know why this happens and what can be done to prevent it?


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    It can be a lack of salt, lack of calcium, or even magnesium (I think). Drinking lots of water can help too. I've had a couple of cramps, especially when I'm stretching in bed. I have to remember not to stretch my legs in a certain way or I can feel a cramp coming on.

    Are you still taking multi-vitamins? I think someone suggested once before eating a lot of bananas? Can't remember tho.

    Hope you only get the occasional cramp and it's not too painful

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    babymakesthree Guest


    I had this first pregnancy and it's really painful.
    I always seemed to get it if I stretched my legs out really straight, so I tried to avoid this as much as possible and it seemed to help.
    Tried to sleep with legs bent most of the time.

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    I seem to get cramps right in the arch of my feet absolutely kill me!!!
    I have had everything checked and the dr said it is just part of being pregnant

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    angelique Guest


    I get bad cramps too. Sometimes I feel like I am going to collaps when I get of the couch or bed eheheh. I feel like an old lady

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    I have had both cramps in my calves and in the arch of my feet.

    The calf cramps have been when i am in bed and straighten my legs out - mental note to self: dont straighten legs!!

    The arch of foot ones have been whilst in the shower shaving my legs!! Go figure!

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    Yep - calves for me too. Doesn't it hurt?? Youchy.
    I'm pretty sure tonic water can help this, and of course increasing the salt intake in your diet. Not sodium salt (normal table salt) as that will increase your fluid retnetion (YUCK!!). Try food with naturally higher levels of potassium (bananas) and magnesium.

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    Jed Guest


    Thanks guys for your useful info, i'll increase my banana intake and just remember not to stretch my legs during the night.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful christmas.


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