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Thread: Cramps of a night time..

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    Default Cramps of a night time..

    Seems the last week, i have woken up with stomach cramps..

    It just feels like one cramp that just continues.. arghh its really bothering me.. i wonder if its got anyting to do with the heat? maybe of a night time im getting a little dehydrated and not drinking enough??

    Anyone else getting this??

    During the day im ok..??

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    You might be a bit dehydrated. Try having a lucozade drink or something like that to try and get some electrolytes back in your body. I find that this helps me (even for when your not pg). Hots days can take more out of you than you think.

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Thanks for the advise..

    But whats Lucozade? where do you get it from?

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    Lucozade is a energy drink and you can pick it up from any supermarket or milkbar. I know what your going through cause Im having the same thing but my midwife says its all the insides stretching cause the baby is growing. I hope this helps.

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