thread: Desparate for suggestions - where to buy maternity clothes?

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    Aug 2005

    Desparate for suggestions - where to buy maternity clothes?

    Hi all,

    As a first timer who is all of a sudden unable to wear her normal clothes apart from tracksuit pants I am wondering if anyone can suggest some good maternity shops around melbourne. We live in South Gippsland and are going to melbourne on Sunday. Am hoping to find something suitable for work next week.

    We will be able to go to southland, chadstone, dandenong or fountain gate.

    Any suggestions, I am desperate and frankly feeling quite crappy about not being able to wear my normal clothes so soon!!! Was told it would take many more weeks, maybe up to 20 weeks before I would need to worry about changing my wardrobe but it seems that my body and baby has its own agenda.

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    Hey joy have you looked at the banner up top? The fillyboo website has some really cool clothes

    I found that within the first two months of PG my bum expanded... I lost heaps of weight but my bum changed shapes :-k and I had to start buying clothes early too. I found some great stretchy black skirts & pants at Target or Kmart & then used cool tops like those at Fillyboo.

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    Mar 2004

    If you take a look at the top of the page there is a banner/link for an online shop called fillyboo. They have some lovely cloths. You could also try ebay or an American e-store called maternity mall (if you google it you should find it). Pumpkin Patch has some nice maternity clothes although it can be a little pricey. Target also has some maternity clothes. I got a couple of pairs of pants there when I was pregnant with Yasin that would have been fine for an office.

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    LOL snap Dachlostar

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    i found target to be pretty good for maternity wear, not too expensive and it just covered the basics - ie jeans, black pants, etc, then the more expensive places for a few nice tops to go with them,

    have fun shopping!!! \/


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    Jun 2005


    Ebay is a great option too for second hand mat clothes - well priced designer mat clothes on there too.

    The good ole Kmart and BigW are great for us preg woman during summer - you cant go past a few mat tank tops for $12 or so.

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    if you are coming from gippsland then as you come down the princes hwy into dandenong there is a maternity wear shop on the left just past babyco - sorry can't remember the name, i never went there but my sil did and she said it was really good and reasonably priced. you can also check out the one in ormond on north road (just clip the ad out of the sun newspaper in the births section) has the address and specials in the paper every day.

    i have found nice stuff in the past at target and also big w, kmart wasn't to crash hot last time i was prg but they have some sort of nice stuff there atm some 3/4 jeans and some nice casual tops.

    good luck

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    Maternity Matters/Wearhouse is the one just past Babyco. They have some very nice stuff, it just didn't fit right on me though. Pumpkin Patch at Chaddy don't have much of a range though.

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    I have never been pg myself before, but my sister has been shopping at Supre for mat stuff - dunno if there is a Supre store where you are going??

    They have really great stretchy tops and pants, they have stuff perfect for work and casual!

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    Aug 2005

    Thanks heaps guys,

    I've written down your suggestions and will head to them on Sunday. Am also going to check out the net in a minute.
    I'm just finding it a little hard at the moment as I seem to be growing really fast but not enough for proper mat. clothes yet. Hopefully we'll find something soon. Also we haven't told the 'not so close friends' yet so can't even ask them for advice and those who do know are way past kids and have forgotten the stuff you guys know!!!

    thanks heaps.


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    There is also something called the pregnancy survival kit which consists of trousers, a top, skirt and dress (I think) Not sure who stocks it or who it is made by, but you could do a google search, I think there is one on ebay atm.

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    You could also try Pumpkin Patch at DFO - it's cheaper there.
    Kelly xx

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    I'm seconding Mooshie's suggestion of the shops at the railway line in North Rd in Ormond, there are two maternity factory outlets there, one on each side of the road.
    One has a LOT of items from brands like "Pea in a Pod" which are reduced from their shelf price of $60 down to $20-$25 per item, and the other has 'business' maternity wear.

    In the three pregnancies I've been through, North Rd, Ormond is the best shopping location I've found in Melbourne for maternity wear, although it is also worth checking out Target as they often have a range of skirts & tops in their regular range that stretch around the waist, as well as a maternity range.


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    Mar 2005

    I 2nd Kelly's motion!!

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    Thanks everyone,

    I found some great pants and a top today - really $$$$$ but managed to wear them to work from the shop!!

    Thanks Kelly - I'll be right near DFO so will definitely head there.

    thanks again everyone..


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    Joy, I picked up my most valuable maternity clothes at Big W. I was really suprised but found a pair of jeans for $25 and also got a couple of tops which were great.

    Ditto the shop at Ormond, and DFO, Cheltenham.

    Also got a couple of things at Target.

    Happy Shopping