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    i need some advice. i am 18 weeks pregnant and have has some diarrhoea today. it hasnt been too bad, but it has happened 3 times already. i read that diarrhoea can cause miscarrage and am starting to worry. should i go to the doctor or wait it out?

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    Hi Hollo

    I had constant diarrhoea with both of my pregnancies, from beginning to end, i didn't think it eas a problem, but it did get annoying.
    If you are really worried, go to your gp and talk to them about it, but as far as i was aware, it can be normal in the second and third trimesters.

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    If i were you, for 48hours dont eat anything with dairy in it (as it makes the diaherra worse) and drink HEAPS of water.. Water will flush out your system.. if in 48hours the diaherra continues, then i would see your GP... otherwise i really wouldnt worry at all.. i think things like that are very VERY rare, and proberly only happen in the very first couple of weeks of pregnancy..

    Take care!!

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    thanks for your replies. well i went to the doctor just to be on the safe side (had the day off and needed a certificate also) and he thinks that it is a stomach virus which wouldnt harm the baby at all and to keep up my fluids and eat a bland diet. gave me a couple days off work to rest. i inquired about checking the babys heartbeat and he didnt think that was needed as it will in no way affect the baby and my ultra sound is next tuesday. i feel about 95% positive about the baby being ok, hearing the heartbeat would have made me 100%. anyway, he also said that if the diorrhea gets worse to take 'panedine' i thought this was a no no during pregnancy.

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