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Thread: Did you ever just look in the mirror and go...

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    Default Did you ever just look in the mirror and go...

    I just went shopping in target and tried a new pair of trousers on in the change rooms, well looking at myself in the 2 mirrors they had I was like where did those thighs and fat legs come from

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    last week in Target, trying to buy pants and tops. maybe its their mirrors?!
    and it was my first maternity shop so i ended up a bit depressed. and then i looked at my wonderful pregnant belly in the mirror and felt so much better.

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    It must be their mirrors!

    I got a bit depressed about it as well but am determined to lose it after bubs comes. Its all for a good cause though and I am very excited but just wish we didn't have to deal with putting on weight

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    Default's so got to be their mirrors!! I had that happen a few months back now...but felt like a HUGE whale!!

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    I feel better now!

    Must just be their mirrors !

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    I think it must be because I'm only 10wks and I was in there on the weekend and I stormed out of the change room fighting back tears.

    Seriously thinking of writing them now to warn them of the negative effects their mirrors have on pregnant women country-wide.
    Last edited by BloominRoses; April 1st, 2009 at 03:59 PM. Reason: I'm only half joking about the letter writing too!

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    I hope it's the mirrors, cause i can't go into a change room these days without bursting into tears. Lol. Bloody hormones

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    They need to install special lighting that makes us glow and hides cellulite... (a stocking over the light perhaps ha ha )
    Seriously, there was a bather shop (Brain Rockfords I think) in Perth that had special lighting in the change rooms so everyone looked good. I swear everyone walked out with a pair of bathers.

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    Yep - here too. Tried on some pj's and walked out with tears glistening in my eyes...
    I looked like a beached pregnant whale and felt disgusting!
    It took my mum several hours to convince me to try some stuff on in Kmart and when I did, I didn't see what I saw in Target! I walked out with a huge smile!

    So it HAS to be Target...

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    yep it musy be target and just the mirrors - i had the same exp but then someone bought me 2 dresses from there and i only tried them on at home and they look FAB.

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