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    For a few weeks now i've been getting dizzy spells and just generally feel light-headed most of the time. At my last check up my BP was 100/70, normally it's 120/70 so that's pretty low for me. Is there anything i can do to stop this light headedness feeling? I get all cold and it feels like the blood is just running out of my head, down my body and feel nausous and then sometimes have blurred vision and my hearing goes. I don't have another appt for 3 weeks. I just don't know what to do, it's affecting me heaps and making me feel really tired and worn out, without me having to do anything.

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    Tegan, I think you should make an appointment to see your Doctor. It may be nothing, but if it is, seeing to it now rather than in three weeks time would be better.

    In the meantime, just try to avoid bending over, to try to stop blood rushing to your head and then back out when you stand up IYKWIM? It might help.

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    tegan make an appt to see your doctor.

    Hope they wil be able to help you.

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    Tegan as the others have said it would be best to see your doctor. I get low BP during PG and have had all those symptoms just before passing out. Sometimes there are underlying reasons and other times its part of being pregnant, but its worth getting checked. I was told to drink 3 litres of water a day and that has helped. My BP is generally around 90/60- 100/70 at all my midwives appts and visits to the GP. HTH!

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    Hey Tegan

    I'd do what the girls have said but your BP sounds ok to me. Christy said drink heaps of water, I'd do that. Perhaps your iron is low, so I would up the red meat (if you eat it) and the green leafy vegies.
    The other thing to keep in mind is GD. Often ladies have the symptoms you describe after they have eaten something high in sugar. have you had the GTT yet? if you have, was it the 50g or the 75g?
    Latest research shows that many women come up as 'within normal limits' in the 50g but when they do the 75g, registers as GD. (That's what happened with me). Anyhow, I hope that you get some answers soon it's exhausting looking after a toddler when you feel awful in yourself

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    i feel exactly the same everyday, sometimes i can't drive or be in air conditioning etc. in fact, a few weeks ago, i was rushed to hospital in an ambulance after collapsing in a shopping centre (very embarrassing). anyway, it turned out that my bloody sugar level was very low, and my blood pressure is a bit spasmodic. basically, my ob just tells me to rest, not let myself get hungry etc. i wouldn't worry too much, i've been like this since about 7 weeks, and baby is very healthy

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