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Thread: Doctor's tomorrow....

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    Smile Doctor's tomorrow....

    I get to meet the doctor who will be doing the ceaser tomorrow, I'm 16 weeks now so hopefully I'll get to hear the heartbeat. I'll be booking in for an ultra sound as well.
    At how many weeks did everyone else do their ultra sound?
    I so much want to know what I'm having, I've got three girls so I'm asuming it will be another girl. I can't wait to know so I can go on a baby shopping spree and pick out a name! Other then the usual aches and pains and been just huge, I'm not feeling too bad.
    I've got a friend who is 8 weeks pregnant with her second And I've got another friend who is TTC #5 and she is late, so I've got my fingers crossed for her.
    Well I hope everyine else is doing good, belly rubs

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    Hey Rose -
    YOu should be able to heart beat by now, i heard my bubs at my 12 week scan. You will also have an u/s at 19weeks, where you should also be able to hear heatbeat.
    19weeks as well is when you should find out the sex!

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    Scans are so exciting, I too heard bubs hb at about 12 weeks, very exciting! As M2B said, you will be able to find out the sex about 19/20 weeks but I have heard of others finding out earlier!
    Good news about your 2 friends!

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