thread: Does she do it on purpose??

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    Unhappy Does she do it on purpose??

    Heya girls!
    Seems like i have a cheeky monkey growing in my tummy!! She likes to play games lol
    Everytime i feel her kicking, i go to feel her little bumps with my hand, but the moment i put my hand on my tummy, the kicking stops and the moment i take my hand away from my tummy, she resumes kicking again!! (and i can have my hand on my tummy for any amount of time and she wont kick!)
    Its kinda cute she is playing games with me, obviously assuming she knows when i put my hand on my tummy, but i really want DP to feel her kicks, and i worry she will stop when HE puts his hand on my tummy to feel them

    Do you think she knows and is doing it on purpose?? And how can i try and catch her out so *if* she does stop kicking when DP tries to feel??

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    Oct 2007
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    I'm not quite as far as you but i had the same with DS....he would kick away all day and when my DP would talk he would stop in an instant (like he wanted to listen). The same when DP would try and feel the kicks. in the end i would cuddle DP (like spooning) and eventually he felt DS kick on his back. that was the only way he got a chance to feel.

    Good'll happen eventually though.....might just take time

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    Now I dont know if this has any truth to it or not but I think it might have something to do with the light as your hand goes over to where they are kicking it darkens the spot iykwim so that makes them stop maybe try at night when its dark maybe before you lay on your side put your DH/DP hands under where your tummy is going to lay, as at night is always when I got the most kicks.

    But if all else fails you will soon feel so many kicks that he will feel all of them if he wanted too. as the kicks become so hard that they can make a little lump out the side of your tummy that you can push back and then baby will push against your hand, so all in good time you will feel lots.

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    Feb 2007

    I feel most kicks when I'm in bed at night with hand on my belly under the doona so I can trick bubs into thinking there is no hand there!

    Don't worry, mine is cheeky too!

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    Mason used to go quiet whenever DH put his hand on my belly

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    The first time DF felt any of our kids kick is when i would cuddle him and they would kick his back.