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Thread: Does ur a$$ hurt or is it just me???

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    lucysmummie Guest

    Default Does ur a$$ hurt or is it just me???

    Hi well the title says it all!

    Im Sitting on a Butt ring and im 18 weeks pregnant! my tail bone hurts like crazy! I cant sit on the couch at home cause it starts to hurt after 15 mins so im always lying down which gives me intergestion! and im at work on an office desk for only 5hours but have to sit on the embarresing ring!

    Is anyone the same????

    When my mum had me she broke her tail bone when she was giving birth to me... will I be the same??? please say no!!!!

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    Shinee - you and me both - my butt hurts when I sit too long - I ahven't been shopping yet for a 'ring' . Not so much my tail bone but sometimes.

    I already sleep on sheepskin (under the sheet) and it helps.

    I don't think it means you will break your tail bone - maybe hers was close to pelvis = or it was small opening and you were big and beautiful.

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    Hi Shinee

    It would be very rare to break your tail bone.
    This may only happen if
    it is a very big baby
    Forceps delivery
    Position of baby
    If the baby gets stuck and needs help.

    Cant think of any other reason for a broken tail bone, so it is very unlikely that it will happen to you

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    grouchfrog Guest



    This happened to me too, but I found that a prenatal yoga class really helped. Also, sitting on a fit ball instead of a normal chair while typing a the computer seemed to give some relief.

    I hope you find a way to get comfy soon. This symptom is the pits!

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    lucysmummie Guest


    Thanks for the replies guys!

    and yes
    ~Grouchfrog~ its the pits!!! I will try what u said tho! thanks

    ~ Allan ~
    I wasnt a big baby but they said to my mum she should have a cesar cause her pelvis was pretty small! I got a bit stuck and she had a 36 hour labour :shock: but with my bro and sis she only had 6 hour labours...

    should i tell my midwife of the complications she had as i mght be the same???

    I know im beautiful!!!!

    thanks again for the replies

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