thread: Dopplers

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    Mar 2004
    Wales, UK


    I am thinking about buying a doppler, but are they worth the money? I am thinking of asking my midwife if I can hire one for a while...

    Are they as good as they make out?


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    Sep 2004
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    Hi Welshgirl,

    My obstetrican actually refuses to use a doppler; his reasoning is that you cannot always detect the heartbeat (even though movement may be felt at the time) and this can cause unnecessary worry.

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    Nov 2003

    Hey Gwen,

    I hired a doppler around 11wks and for me I've found it well worth it. After 2 m/c I get very stressed about how this pg is progressing, and I also have a thyroid disease which more than likely caused the 2 m/c and it can be triggered off by stress. So worrying is a pretty bad thing in my case and being able to hear Kynan's HB occasionally has been very reassuring for me. HTH.