thread: Early Image scans...

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    Jul 2005

    Early Image scans...

    Hey all,

    Just wondering if anyone out there has had a scan at Early image in melb or syd and if so how did it turn out?

    We didnt get a dvd or video at our 19 week scan so are thinking of going there in a couple of months time to get one done.

    Any info would be helpful.


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    Jodie259 Guest

    I'm booked in for an Early Image scan... but not until February!
    We saw their stand that the Baby Expo. I had just found out I was preggers. I'll be about 23 weeks (or something like that) when I do the scan... and we're doing it on my hubby's birthday.

    Have you seen their website?

    I'm looking forward to getting the DVD so that we can send it to my husbands family who are all overseas.
    And you can have 8 guests! So my parents and our good friends will also come along.

    I can't wait !!