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    Lately iv been hungery about every half hour to every hour is there such a thing as eating to much during pregnacy?

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    Yes there is - someone I know gained 35kgs ! 50% plus of what she started out at.

    I feel this hungry sometimes too but as long as you stick to healthy snacks - it should be okay. Try wholegrains sandwiches / rolls / fruit /nuts/ yoghurt /cheese & crackers/pasta & rice dishes to fill you up - the kind of things good for a growing baby and the stuff you won't pig out on excessively and might ward off hunger for a little longer.

    There are mums who gain a lot of weight but it probably more to do with what they eat - than the volume - you can't eat more than one (or two) banana but some can eat a whole block of chocolate or wholepacket of Tim Tams at a sitting LOL.

    A lot of Ob/Dr's now don't monitor weight gain as long as baby is growing well ( but not too big) or else they will send you off for GTT.

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    I envy those ladies who can eat a lot!! I always think I dont eat enough!! Just eat when you are hungry. I found that if I keep thinking about it I would either ruin my appetite or eat too much and get the worst heartburn!!

    As you go along ur appetite will decrease (mine is anyway) because the uterus is taking up all the room and squashing your stomach. I guess it also depends on your body as well. Naturally, some people have larger appetites where as mine is smaller because of my small frame.

    Good luck

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