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    Hi, I am coming up 27weeks,

    I have felt great all thru this preg, the 1st tri never had morn sickness, it was a breeze, all scans have always been good, have felt bubs moving since 16weeks, and defi kicks since about 23weeks.

    Even seeing the belly move now at night with nice hard kicks. Some days he is more quiet then other days, which is worrying, but at this stage I know its hard to really monitor fetal kicks as they sleep so long, and also they have room to move around.

    What I am wonderint, is the last couple of days, I have started feeling like absolute crap, by about 10am in the morn, I am so nauseous.. and it can last hrs. is it possible to not have any real sickness all thru the preg, and then when I almost hit the 3rd tri, I can start feeling nauseous?? Thanks

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    Yep, it's possible... I never got morning sickness in first trimester, but since I've hit about 26 weeks, I've been feeling queasy on and off. Not much fun at all as I'm hungry all the time, yet feel crook after eating.

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    Thanks girls, thought that i was one of the lucky ones to miss out on it on the 1st trimester, but wow the last couple of days i have been so sick, it must be morning sickness as i feel sick no where else, just this revolting nauseous taste in my mouth all the time,and i beleive i now have heartnurn.. Oh the joys of pregnancy

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    Yeah definitely possible.
    I had m/s for a few weeks at the beginning of DD's pregnancy, it went away by 10 weeks and came back again about 30 weeks. It only last a week or two though.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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