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    Thumbs down fevers and temperatures

    i have a really shocking flue and i have been waking up in the morning in a cold sweat and i am pretty sure i am having fevers during the night.. does anyone know if this can hurt the baby and what i should do about it coz i am sleeping through it???

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    I would probably check with the doctor. I know that you shouldn't have really hot baths cos of body temp. Maybe Alan will see this and pop in to give you advice. I hope you feel better soon

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    Hi Nonie
    Your temp would have to be very high to do any harm to your baby. Have you taken your temp? if so what was it?
    Before you go to bed at night take 2 panadol. They will help to bring down your temp

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    i havn't taken my temp because when i wake up i dnt have one anymore just notice that i have been sweating badly the dr did say take panadol before bed and if i havn't been having temps during the day its unlikely they will be high enough at night to effect the baby... thanks heaps for the help i didn't wake up sweating tpday so yay!!!

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    Ive had the same thing, drink plenty of water and take panadol, if nothing else the water will make u keep going to the bathroom so you're able to wake up and adjust your temperature accordingly lol

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