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Thread: Fiiiiinally in 2nd Tri...

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    Default Fiiiiinally in 2nd Tri...

    Hi all... It has been a long time coming but my wife are I are finally into the 2nd trimester being 12w0d today.

    I know there are different ways to determine when a pregnancy is in 2nd tri, but having comfirmed it with some higher powers in this forum...I'll take it... Now for growing time!!!

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    lol noisuf i am 12w 1 day today its very exciting isn't it??? my dp actually got to hear our baby move last night as i had a stethescope on my belly and he was trying to listen for the hb (lol i know pretty early) and as i out the end on my tummy i felt the baby move away and he was like what was that lol lol.... good luck for a hnh pregnancy for u and ur wife!!!

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    Very exciting. I've been told time flies faster from this point onwards. Being impatient by nature, the last 8 weeks has been tough...considering we experience a bit of spotting early on.

    Wow, the baby is already reacting to touch...that's great. I can't wait to feel it's first punch...haha...

    You guys finding out the gender? I can't wait to add the 3rd dvd to the collection during the 3rd ultrasound at 18weeks. But i've still got the 2nd one to look forward to next tue.

    Best of luck for your healthy pregancy too! You must be due on Sep 20?

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    yeah we want to find out the gender lol i am really impatient as well as each week went by i was like oh come on lol how slow can it go!!!
    its been an anxious tine for us too we had two early ultrasounds the first one due to pains on one side at 6 weeks, they thought the baby was ectopic, had to go internal which wasn't pleasant but we saw the little heart beat and it was magic!!! then at 8 weeks i woke up one day with absolutely no symptoms whatsoever we freaked out and the dr sent us for an u/s straight away we got the scan and all was fine our little jellybean had a beautiful heartbeat and all was fine, funnily enough i felt sick on the way home lol!!! we havn't got dvds or videos from those though just some films but we treasure them!!!
    in three sleeps (monday) we have our nt scan and we get to tape it... its 4d as well so really excited!!!! hoping maybe they can tell us the gender at that scan as its 4d sometimes they can sometimes they can't so have to wait n see fingers crossed... do u or ur wife have any feelings on what gender ur baby will be??? my partner and i have been thinking girl the last few days so will be interesting to see if we are right... i had a few dreams early on though where it was a boy lol who knows ...
    yep the 6 wk scan said we were due 20 sept lmp says 18th so maybe this scan will give us a different date again lol its all very confusing..
    anyway sorry for rambling on i just love talking about all this stuff because i really am getting to a point where i am really excited!!!

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    yeah, each day passes sooooooo slowly. i make it worse because i download all these week by week foetal development web pages. let's just say i was looking at week 13 of all of these last night...haha...

    it's good to hear all your concerns have faded away. i was worried about ectopic also as my wife has endometriosis (we actually had a 2nd operation planned for early March) but when we had the scan at 7w5d and saw the heartbeat and the baby in the right spot, it was such a relief. i can only say that i saw my wife's face during the internal ultrasound and it wasn't pleasant. i've watched the dvd many a times since then but it would have grown so much by now.

    4d scans will be amazing for you guys. you can see he/she move!

    my wife has recently changed her mind and think it's a boy now. i originally thought boy but a couple of weeks ago, i had this dream holding a little girl around 1/2 year old outstretched in my hands. it was my daughter in the dream as i felt this profound feeling with her. if i never had children, i would be grateful of that dream. one of us are right anyway...haha... did you have a connection feeling in the dream with the baby boy?

    believe it or not, i've read the earlier the scan, the more accurate due date due to the quick development whereas the later scans can't be so accurate because baby is developing quickly but different babies can vary so much...

    are you showing yet? i assume this is your first considering your excitement. sad for me to say but people tell me they become less excited with subsequent pregnancies. i guess it's also due to experience.

    rambling is good, i'm glad i've found a buddy that we can share this journey with. we should keep in touch.

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    for sure on keeping in touch where are u living???
    funnily enough i am showing as i am only 5'2 so am going to look like i swallowed a basketball by the end lol lol!!!
    yep this is our first baby and my first pregnancy i am only 21 (not unheard of for it to be my second i guess lol ) but yeah first baby!!!
    i thought it was a boy for ages i think because for a while i wanted a boy, i work in childcare and have for ages (i do special needs at the moment) but pretty much all my experience has been with boys so i think it was a comfort thing iykwim??? i think the dream was more a manefestation of me wanting a boy if that makes sence??? now i am feeling much more comfortable and am kinda leaning towards wanting a little princess lol i am getting so impatient i wanna know NOW NOW NOW

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    we live in melbourne. this can be our special thread. other mommies to be in sep are also welcome!!! =)

    i think the pregnant body is so beautiful, i can't wait for her to bloom.

    yeah, i wanna know now, now, now too...

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    we are in sydney seems alot of ppl on here are melbournians.... when are u guys due??? theres some cool threads called belly buddies i am in the sept 16 - 30 thread theres great ppl in there!!!
    do u have other children??? do u use msn messenger??? lol questions questions...
    lol i like looking pregnant, though some times it just looks like i had too many biscuits(and i probably did) lol lol i don't feel too comfortable lol and to be honest havn't enjoyed the pregnancy as much as i would have liked to up to now where it is starting to get better so i dunno if i would agree with the beautiful aspect at this point in time but ive always had trouble with self image and actually had trouble with eating disorders in the past so putting on weight has been a little hard eek i am scared to get on the scales lol...
    hmmm what else can i ramble about lol have u done any shopping yet??? i love all the little clothes and accessories!!!!

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    lol dir i just realised that u said 12 weeks today lol lol so 21st yeah?

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    yeah, the EDD is 21 Sep. we're 2 days early as LMP is 23 Sep.

    belly buddies? i need to check it out...

    you should have detected my excitement level...and anxiety level...this is our first too...

    no, not on messenger unfortunately...

    i find my wife's pregnant body beautiful...and a bit sensual to be honest...ok, i'm stopping there...

    don't be concerned about weight gain, it's all natural. don't be self conscious at all!!!

    no shopping yet, want to find out baby's gender first...then go crazy...haha...

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    yeah belly buddies if u click on the pregnancy general discussion thread it goes into it and then at the top there is belly buddies when u go into it it has all the due date thingys its great!!!
    we have bought a few things mostly ppl have bought small things for us... dnt forget if u find out the gender and then go nuts they could be wrong... not likely but possible eek..

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    i just posted my first post in the belly buddy thread...thanks for pointing me to it.

    the moderator says i should post in both threads for September?

    ah, if they get it wrong, people can mistake it for the opposite gender...haha... the clothes will only fit for a little while anyway. =) let's chat in the sep thread now onwards then...

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