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Thread: Finally in the 2nd Trimester

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    Default Finally in the 2nd Trimester

    It's a fantastic feeling to make it to the second trimester of my pregnancy.

    Yesterday i had my 12 week scan and everything went really well, the babies measurements are all within normal range which is great news.

    After my ultrasound i had an appointment with my OB who is pleased with my progress, however it looks like i have to look around for a maternity unit that will take me on for the birth of my baby due to my weight it's very frustrating !!! My OB told me she had a patient who weighed 170kg and the local maternity unit wouldn't take her on for the delivery of her child in case she needed a ceaser. I weigh 150kg. Does anyone know what i can do here ??? I am confused and don't know what to do even though my OB is very helpful and she is going to call around to see who will accept me, i feel like i am on the outer, but i also understand that they are also thinking of the welfare of me and my baby.


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    Congratulations on reaching trimester 2!

    As far as the hospital thing goes, I am pretty sure that a lot of hospitals 9especially smaller ones in rural areas) classify an overweight mother as a high risk pregnancy and since they do not have the facilities to deal with high risk pregnancies they will jot deliver the bubs. I have heard of this before, but dont have any personal experience sorry. Good luck with everything though, at least you have a helpful OB.

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