thread: First Ultrasound

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    Sep 2004
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    First Ultrasound

    I've heard it's now possible to determine gender at 3 months. Is that what everyone's doing?

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    Aug 2004

    My SIL (sort of) had alot of complications, and she was able to find out at 13 weeks I think in Melbourne? I think they have to have a special type of machine or a very skilled sonographer! Otherwise I think its the old 18 week scan - and even they can be wrong! I think they only definite way is with the Amnios, or something where they acutally take some of the babies blood?? Not an expert - sorry!
    I'm changing my mind about finding out. I thought I wanted to - but I think I'm not gunna.... Something someone (i think it was Sarah?) said about buying more clothes...... I just can't afford it! The C/C is more important!

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    When I was PG last year I had a scan at 13 weeks (N/T scan) and I asked the sonographer if she could tell me the sex yet. She said she wouldn't be willing to have a guess this early as everything is too small. But I begged her so she relented and said it could possibly be a boy... which was confirmed 5 weeks later

    I dont think the standard sonography equipment is sophisticated enough to help make an accurate guess at the baby's gender so early on.
    But maybe hospitals that have upgraded their sonography equipment & technology recently??
    Did anyone see on tv last year about how they can now do 3D colour ultrasounds??

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    Feb 2004

    Yeah I'm not so sure about this either Berry. Cailin mentioned to me a few weeks ago that there is a new test that only a few sonographers/doctors can do by ooking at the baby's brain to tell the sex.

    Yup, it was me Fi. I'm worried about finding out if it's a boy or girl cos then I will be able to buy heaps of clothes cos I won't be looking for neutrals all the time.

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    Hi Berry I`m not sure if they can tell so early or not, as the other ladies have said it probably all depends on how sophisicated the equipment and person doing it is.

    All along I have said I wouldn`t find out baby`s sex but after seeing baby on Tuesday I`d love to know if it`s a boy, I`d really would love a little boy.

    Take Care


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    Hi Berry, I had a scan at 16 weeks and they couldn't see much at all. I guess it didn't help that the sonographer wanted to stop it after 10 minutes and rebook me.
    Ambah, I have made a few enquiries about 3D or 4D ultrasounds as they call them and am planning on having one. They prefer to do them between 28 and 34 weeks as they say the baby has the most body fat then. They cost around $240 and can be videoed(sp?) I just did a google search for it and found some places that do them.

    Take care

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    Tessa Guest

    i had my first at 16weeks and all the lady could do was guess. i have another one coming for my 22nd week in two weeks, thats usually about the time that most docs check.

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    I have read that the gender can be found around this time by someone skilled but my OB has not even mentioned it. My last scan was at 13w6d and this was for the nuchal fold test. Nothing was said about finding out the sex. Not that I want to know anyway!!!

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    Jan 2006

    I had my 12 - 13 week u/s last friday and the sonographer took some 3d colour shots aswell
    they look awesome!!!

    you can see so much detail compared to a normal ultrasound picture.
    We also had the session recorded onto a dvd for our own copy

    We had our u/s done at the melbourne ultrasound for women and i couldnt recommend it enough!!